Why some of us are treatment resistant

With constant med adjustments and new meds whereas others are stable with the same meds for years? Why?


This is just music, @Om_Sadasiva. I thought it would be a video explaining why some of us are treatment resistant.


Yeah it’s fine music. I don’t have answers to my question.

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I think it is the same thing as anyone going through a disability or rough few years of our lives. It is to learn the meaning of suffering and more importantly to experience suffering. As a human being having a human experience.

I will also say what people on sz.com have been saying to me in my very painful times, that it will get better. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you’re down, you won’t always stay up and you won’t always stay down.


A friend from this forum said that my Hyperreligiosity and spirituality make it harder for me to get better

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It is possible. But I’ve heard quotes from the deepest occultists saying the first thing you need on the spiritual path is common sense. Maybe youre hyperreligiosity is fine, you just need common sense to see the forest from the trees.

To be fair, I have the same problem sometimes. But I also have a support network of people to tell me what is what.

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Have you tried Clozapine ?


No, I am afraid of it


I think most are. But it’s the gold standard. It’s pretty safe as long as you get those weekly blood tests. I tried it for a while. I got NMS while on it. But I was also on Risperdal and Seroquel and other meds like Depakote.

For me, it was too much. I guess I have a genetic component.


Some argue that it is not “schizophrenia” but rather “the schizophrenias”.

I don’t think Drs. And scientists really know

It’s probably because meds are a generic blanket treatment for an issue that’s cause isn’t even super well understood to begin with. Psychosis can be caused by tons of different things, and everyone with it tends to be lumped together as schizophrenic.

For example, based on my med response and my unique hallucinations, I would say that my psychosis isn’t actually a dopamine imbalance at all but rather is caused by an excess of serotonin binding to 5HT2A receptors, almost as if I’m on a small dose of lsd all the time. (Those are the receptors hallucinogenics bind to) Most APs focus mainly on reducing dopamine, which for me does nothing for my symptoms and just gives me negative symptoms when I didn’t have any previously.

Risperidone has a vastly higher blockade of 5HT2A receptors than pretty much any other AP out there right now and coincidentally it is the ONLY med that has ever totally taken away all my symptoms.

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Latuda is okay. I’m thinking he’ll take me off of haldol.

I hope that you are not treatment resistant.

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That’s interesting. I seem to benefit from supplements working on NMDA receptors.

I believe in the theory that schizophrenics are people with a lot of mental disorders happening at once. https://www-m.cnn.com/2014/09/16/health/schizophrenia-eight-diseases/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

I have many diagnoses but none of them are actually schizophrenia or schizo affective but I’ve felt very welcome here.

I also had quite many diagnoses and I am not diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder at this time, although I have diagnosis of schizophrenia-type disorder. I get olanzapine and sulpiride, but I think that the symptoms which may look like schizophrenia are not stopped by these medications. I had coinicidences when I did not take psychiatric drugs and I look prone to coincidences when I get them. Coincidences fascinate me.

Sometimes and for often unclear reasons, medications for schizophrenia seem to stop working and need adjustments. Note that they may also be having side effects to what they are already taking, or side effects to other medications.

The most common causes for medications to stop working are wrong diagnosis, drug interactions, medication tolerance and poor metabolism of the medications. The brain has incredible adaptive capacity to develop tolerance too many medications by regulating the receptors. A first step should be a genetic test to see how one metabolizes the medication. AssureRx is one company that can do this.


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