Why Smoking Can Be Good For You

It is a terrible shame that many of those in charge of public smoking policy tend to be what Toronto Star columnist, Rosie Dimanno called Nico-Nazis. No one would deny that smoking is bad for physical health but for those with serious mental illnesses it may actual have beneficial psychiatric properties. A very high proportion of people with schizophrenia smoke and for what may be very good reasons.

Our blanket ban on smoking and our reluctance to embrace e-cigarettes may be doing this group of already neglected patients even more damage.


I’ve heard a few times that nicotine is good for sz. Back when I smoked, when I could feel that it was gonna be a bad day I would chain smoke 5 or 6 cigs real fast first thing in the morning and my symptoms would be a lot better. I wish they would make a pill that did that to me.

i tried e cigs and they dont work you do not get the high that regular cigs give you so i gave up on them…

I used to smoke. Now I chew the gum. The two times I quit smoking without a nicotine replacement, I did feel better mentally after a few weeks or months went by and continued to improve.

I do agree with the term nico-Nazi’s. There are a lot of propagandists out there.

Great article! Thank you!


i think it helps alleviate the symptoms. Im addicted so i cant tell if its just me getting a fix or if it really does make me feel better, but psychiatrists know that a ton of schizophrenics smoke and drink coffee constantly. Both make me feel better. I think caffeine takes away the negative symptoms and helps us focus, while nicotine also helps us focus and makes us physically relaxed.

Just my thoughts about the things I do. But caffeine is known to make people crave ciggs, and so does drinking. Some of my friends only smoke when they drink, and they start chain smoking when theyre drunk. They just ramble on and keep lighting up ciggs. I used to do the same thing when I drank.

When I got destabilized after my divorce, I smoked non stop, maybe 2 packs or more a day. It almost seemed like my body - my brain craved it. I felt better during and after smoking. Many times I thought about buying nicotine gum, I no longer smoke.