Why shouldn't had came here

It’s because doctor said I have depression and he said I don’t have schizophrenia


But aren’t you happy that you don’t have sz?


People who are mentally, but don’t have schizophrenia are welcome here.

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Do you have psychosis?

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It’s not fun to have mental disease but I assumed that I have sz
I have depression and anxiety doctor’s said that

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i dont mean to curse you, but i think its possible to develop schizophrenia if you are not careful. Im happy to hear you are healthy, please take more care of your health so that it doesn’t intensify. Depression and anxiety if not addressed can lead to psychosis, and psychosis extended, schizophrenia

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That’s good though, right? You have a better prognosis. Plus the diagnosis of depression and anxiety is so common. There will be less stigma and it will be easier for you to find a support group and therapist. Not to mention the fact that psychosis sucks royally, especially after you come out of it because you can’t believe how you had such ridiculous ideas.


Ok thank you for advice

Great for you.I was also previously diagnosed sz,the latest diagnosis is similar to yours anxiety and depression…not on any meds now,just exercise,fish oil and melatonin to sleep

I am sorry anyways

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good to hear your doc got it right

schizophrenia is still pretty rare.


Hopes so you will be fine
I don’t mean to say that the sz forums is bad
I have friends here too

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