Why should you try live in the present moment IMO

…because no one is garranteed tomorrow…!!

1111 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It’s best to live in the present, but prepare for tomorrow.

It may never come, but when/if it does, you want to be ready and you’ll thank your past self.

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living in the present moment

has brought me inner peace

quite awesome in fairness

Indeed. Planning for problems lets me side-step most of them.

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Inner peace is nice,

But so is having savings for retirement.

One day at a time

feck tmrow

as i said no one experinced tomrow yet

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Sounds like a foolish way to live to me.

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Learn from the past, and plan for the future but…

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your aim

is to split hairs


you are thick

I’m awkward in conversations F2F and on phone. I assembled a easily navigable binder of situations for when I’m on the phone. If the customer scrambles me and I blank, I can immediately flip to the right section and find the script I made for the appropriate scenario I’ve planned for ahead, use it to get back on top of the problem without looking like a d00f in front of the customer.

This has worked SO well that my boss asked for a copy and they are now giving it to new hires to use for phone work. I got a commendation for it.

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I called u thick

you called me foolish

don’t play victim here

I said that is a foolish way to live.

Different from calling you a fool.

Don’t call me names, @san_pedro.

but you want to argue with me since day 1 here

because you don’t like my opinon not my fault

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It’s an enlightened way to live.


Good luck to @san_pedro and @Enlightenedbeing living this way.

I’m sure you’ll be very happy and productive humans,

As you’ve already proven to be.



Bouncing in and out of jail and homeless?

That’s a lot of lipstick for one pig.





To be fair, he says the food in jail is great!

Even better in prison.


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Umf. I’ve got curry in the crock pot for tonight. Have a ham defrosting for tomorrow. Living in today AND planning ahead. Whooooo!



You may be on to something there.

I have all my bills paid AND money for them next month.


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If your enlightened you can be happy in any situation. You’re missing out on one of the best parts about being human which is spiritual.:clap::+1::point_right::call_me_hand:

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