Why should i take medications?

voices still on their foot despite i take medications for years now :joy:
i never missed dose or take more or less doses
they still strong :smirk::smirk::smirk:

You should take medication because you’re not an idiot.

You should, however, talk to your doctor about maybe trying something different.

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i seemed to be idiot when meds are not working in the past
i am stable thanks to it
i am going to it

3 2 1…

Yeah, I’ve been without meds that work and it’s always a disaster. If you’ve got the option, stick with the meds.

i taked it
always thinking not to take it
is disasterous

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Sometimes it takes awhile to get the combo right. Stick with it. :goat::goat::goat:

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Take it cause that’s what you did yesterday and the day before. People dont realize but change without reason can set you back. If your doc thought it wasnt right for you they’d say something. Or look at it another way…you’ve taken it for probably years if not decade…how could you be at fault. Dont try to solve your pdoc’s problems for them, let them do the job. And btw here in canada there is a rule or law that if they cant solve your illness they eventually have to cut you loose. No joke.

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You should take meds beause you often post here about how tormented you are, and we both know it would be much worse without meds.

For a lot of people, meds don’t take away voices, just makes them more tolerable. I believe therapy is the key to reducing voices efficiently.

If you don’t feel your meds are working, you can always ask your doctor to try something else.


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