Why people run away...?

Am I look scary? I am not sure why, in a small town here in Southeast Australia, being an Asian sometime gets me worry about how the local people will react towards me, in this case (they run away), is overreacting, to some degree IMO.
I do not think it has anything to do with my mental illness. But I do have a sick mind, and when people look at me, and I look at them, it triggers the anxiety inside of me, I do not know what has happened to them, they (most of this people) run away, being the exceptions are the few tall white guy.
What do you think?

I don’t talk to people in public unless they talk to me. Don’t worry about what people think of you, in your own heart you know you are a good person so who cares what people think?

Not every day is going to be the same, I figure, The other day, I noticed people were really noticing me, however, and I had no idea until I looked in a mirror! LOL.


Thank you Jukebox. :smile:
Because I want my mind works as well, and being coherent both in words and deeds.

I think that’s the problem, the facial expression gets unnoticed (by oneself) in the public.

Australians might be prejudiced. Try not to over react to it. That will only make things worse. Hopefully you can win them over with patience and good will.

Thank you crimby for your advice.
Yes, I will make them(those scare of me) like me and trust me better.

i think maybe they are paranoid :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I think it was my problem… :scream:

its there problem as well, they wouldn’t be running away if they didn’t have a problem, maybe its because you are different and they don’t like that, i’m not being prejudice here or anything but do you think you would have the same problem if you were living in asia?

People do have the same problem in my country (but of course not that extreme to run), some of them have prejudice against the black or those illegal immigrants from poor neighboring country. In fact, my country is being “accused” by U.S. for serious human trafficking. So, there are all kinds of people there (in my country). I studied the Bible and understand that God is not partial and there is no such thing like superiority over other country or race. In fact, racism is promoted by the Devil. However, the wise will not associate with the bad people, and will try to walk away from calamity. Again, I am not sure why these people run away. Perhaps it is okay to assume that they have the same problem as mine (social anxiety)?


Ppl are afraid of things that are not “normal” if your face does not express right “code” back when you meet that makes them scared. Interacting with your neighbors a tiny bit at a time might make them more understanding and soft towards you. Start by just saying hello when you meet.

I say hello to all my neighbors. Some answer, some don’t. I don’t talk to them, I just say hello.

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Good. When one of your neighbors does not answer, will that hurt your feelings?

No. I just walk on. Swedes are afraid of ppl they don’t know. It’s a social rule in Sweden, don’t ever talk to ppl you don’t know unless you are drunk.


Plumber are people literally or figuratively running away? Personally I don’t think anyone would have a reason to run from you. You seem like a very nice person :smile: Sometimes people just like their space and don’t like to get to close to people they don’t know.

I only feel “safe” within the mental health community, so I am rather unfriendly outside the circles of mental health (sz’s forum, rehab center, psychiatric ward) even though I have tried hard to be nice to people around but simply they and I don’t share the same understanding.
They did (literally) run away, in few occasions. Just happens now is a lady runs to a van after we have eye contact. Normally a person runs this way because of fright, or guilty of something. I don’t know.
Thanks for your praise, BarbieBF.

Please Google Gang stalking/cause stalking/thought broadcasting. You really need to know this crap happens so you can be okay getting any mental care. Some cities have a TON of part-time psychotics who will follow orders from the voices & some churches claiming to follow ‘Jesus’ even tell their members to mistreat specific people without reason. (Pentacostals/non-denominationals). Some of the other churches (Baptists) tell their people to shun people hearing the voices no matter what kind of reputation you have in town or good association with any of the church’s people. Mental care refuses to discuss this calling it delusional even yet there it sits on the internet with over 1.5 million hits if you know the right words to search. This takes the confused and drives some insane, even resulting in mass incidents of homicide and frequent self harm. This is just policy of mental care…If you show any frustration with your mental care in the US, you can be mental hospitalized by warrant and forced to pay for MONTHS of ‘attitude adjustment’ care even resulting in homelessness but almost always unemployment… Some of the churches are so much more about following orders from voices than any ethics teachings from the bible, you shouldn’t set foot in there as the huge non-denominational churches have some very unokay people serving as elders and pastor is borderline personality. These churches do not answer to any hierarchy for any grievance except police or child welfare authorities…

I’m a really big older lady. I don’t talk to anyone unless spoken to and I still get some VERY rude people waiting on me in stores because a lot of the retail/fast food workers in the US are ruined part-time psychotics… Workforce in some US cities is so messed up, they cannot hire their own younger people to work and hope to lure in workers from another city who frequently run off after getting a look at what some in the city think is ‘normal’ behavior. Gosh, US has me worried…

I will note something a friend pointed out to me years ago when I asked why I did not appear to be approachable. I was not making eye contact or smiling…(I went to school in a rough place and spent even my 20s staring at the floor still…) I pasted on the fake smile and it is normal now even without much effort…I can even tell who is friendly as they do smile back which doesn’t happen because some people really hate fat people here.

You can’t take the situation that personally because something is wrong with a lot of people so it is hard to tell sometimes…

I do appreciate the info you shared about Austraulia. I didn’t know that and so much is buried by government propaganda it is hard to tell what info is legit. I’m the opposite with the mental health providers here…I worked a long time successfully before one short bout of insomnia, TERRIBLE mental care to push me over the edge, work performance was bad for short period + forced to resign & sign up for government disability assistance to keep me a captive mental patient longer…Then they called me schizo and I was not even hearing it yet.

Ok, first of all, thank you so much for sharing. It is hard for me to digest altogether. I am going to read bit by bit. It sounds truly scary for people like me. Ohh…

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I’m afraid I pay so little attention to people when I’m out. I guess the question could be: Even if you had not made eye contact would she have still ran to the van as perhaps she was late and in a hurry? Most people are so wrapped up in their own things that they barely realize they are even looking at other people.

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sometimes people just get scared, maybe she thought you looked suspicious and wanted to get away especially if there was no-one there, she might have been paranoid and felt in danger because you are a man and she is a woman, people get intimidated especially women and they get scared or they are in a hurry.

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