Why people really get psychosis

Everyone is born good, but our external environment corrupts us. We know the difference between good and evil, however some of continue to let the darkness grow deep within.

Eventually the mind can cope no longer, and paranoia, delusions and hallucinations begin in stages.

Then the psychotic episode happens.

One recovers and maybe changes for a short while, but old habits die hard.

Again psychosis returns over and over, until the individial changes their behaviour and lifestyle.

Moderation, balance, love and peace is key.

Take care everyone.



why is it that us allowing the’ evil ’ to grow within leads us to have psychosis

Whereas the rest of society the normies don’t have psychosis although they also have’ evil’ in them?

Any ideas?

Or are you suggesting us psychotic folk are the only ‘evil’ bearers on the planet :confused:

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I think those that end up psychotic are some of the kindest souls on the planet. We have suffered a lot.


I do hope that me changing some thinking patterns and behavioural patterns will help me to not relapse :confused:

So I find some truth in what you say perhaps.

I don’t know how I feel about the word evil though.

I’m so scared to talk about recovery I don’t know why.

Anyways, thanks for sharing.


Ahhh, if it was only that simple. I don’t feel dark or psychotic.

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I’m not claiming to know the cure for psychosis.

I’m just trying to reduce my stress load and like to believe it will have a positive impact on MOI

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I don’t believe that at all. I think being around stressful people especially or other stressful conditions cause your brain chemistry to get out of balance, producing symptoms.

Pills changed my psychosis. Before pills I was functional but had a lot of unresolved problems. People are just people and some people are naturally evil I’m sure so I don’t think your onto something.

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Ok! well Instead of saying how it started because that’s a neverending cycle, let’s learn patterns of behavior and attitude which will transform it into at least a liveable experience. So I know that I believe 1. there is a consciousness 2. earth/life and time are cyclical in nature 3. layers or levels of perception exist based on our senses.

So I go out into a field of grass, and I feel the sand beneath me and the wind, flowers and rain, so I feel the wind/ and she is. To me I can transform my objective distress into a live-able experience, but it was through practicing meditation/trance and mindfulness. A skill/technique, Aversion/ process and

so now I need to see the big picture, all the pieces. Not that there is one missing piece, but that I can create the pieces with my thoughts, so I will see the empty canvas and fill it with colors, and know that eventually the veil or my disease telling me that the canvas is empty will pass, there is already a painting/portrait beneath me.

The canvas is full of life, we are painting our stories over stories over stories, no one is alone, no man is an island.

I hope this helps, anyways, it made me feel good writing this. I need to learn to slow down and slow my mind and to pace my self so I can balance all these elements.

I’m really working to transform and heal, so I can’t solve the mysteries or source of all suffering, but I can manage to see that there are levels of transcendence and to think that way helps me find internal peace and comforts.

Just what you said, Moderation, balance, love and peace is key.

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A lot, but not all of us, we’re once normal people with normal lives and normal problems. Whatever normal is.

Then we got positive symptoms and psychosis. Positive symptoms are defined as “something that was added” to our personalities. I believe the theory that most of us were born with the propensity to become schizophrenia and then something triggered it causing psychosis and the ensuing problems. Whether the trigger was drugs, a traumatic experience, an environmental factor or stress.

But if you want to oversimplify, we were bad or good as anyone else and like I said, many of us could have had normal lives before we got sick. We’re normal—but with schizophrenia added to us personally and our lives. I don’t think most of us were better people or worse people than anyone else.
I think we run the gamut of human characteristics and traits. I don’t think we started out particularly nicer than everyone else.

You can say our suffering made us different,
A lot of us are nice I guess but there’s schizophrenics who are not so nice.

Anyways, most of what I wrote is common sense. No one really understands schizophrenia. There’s certain aspects of the disease that are understood but no one really has all of schizophrenia figured out. It’s mostly theories and conjecture.

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I have psychosis because I have a mental illness. It’s treatable and I’m living a good life.

You are spouting some grade A crap here.

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Yeah, I cannot agree with that theory. We have a mental illness. Having psychosis doesn’t have anything to do with some evil growing in us. Thankfully drugs can correct most of the positive symptoms in most cases.


I mean yeah, good point I do like to think positive. But I do not think “weak mind” or will is what causes mental illness. It is something Genetic we are born with. Just like down syndrome and other conditions. There’s science behind this I’m pretty sure. I have read on BBC someone said there is no science behind “chemical brain imbalance” but I dont know if that’s true or not. I have a better life through meds, and I can cope for a few months or so without them, or through herbal medicine–but it’s still treating the symptoms.

The idea that trauma causes MI often triggers us to think we can overcome it on our own without help, or that we can simply will away hallucinations etc. well I can’t explain this–hallucinations aren’t always the same, people experience schizophrenia differently. But to me, it’s a gradual decline into disconnection.

I think maybe if I start accepting that I can’t control schizophrenia maybe I will stop fighting with myself so much and be less detached. I want to live the best life. It just seems that whenever I’m better people don’t want to think I have schizophrenia, and then I believe them-- I stop the meds and I become ill.

Sure there are people that can function well with meds who have schizophrenia, but that doesn’t mean I don’t suffer from it all the time…

Today I am working on acceptance. It’s probably the hardest thing for me starting May 1st with all the social unrest and stuff. I need to plan out my day with something, but all I have to do today is try and be happier and accept and let go.

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