Why not invest in the pharside?

I, Cedric Loanhouse, ask ye public why not make an investment of ye recent landhaul of fifteen thousand pence silver, in ye name of ye poorhouse, to be put to good use.

Can I quit and inhereit a million or well short of and quickly and cash in as I suspected the tears and sheer will of discon tent turn me around from.

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@mjseu reference…

Aside from all seventeen spent said hours spent on training/recdeck, this being’s mental cross exam lend profound subcontextes in which may insort ourselves so to say…

Partly disintegrated business card with phone number.

I’ts been rainging hard.

You think Robin Hood got much tail in Sherwood Forest?

you know, as a chick, I imagine she did…and as a dude, he was way too full of his message, probably locked into some woman’s (like I’ll easilly killyou" sights, yeah they def got laid.

Like me down at the sauana hut but the dam and the swimming whole we just had a way better time than you ;lot had. Americans won by the way, the new englanders anyway, when we bought a couple English girls a case of malt liquo9r and won as they puked,.

-excoertos from the black years,