Why not all ppl on antipsychotics get negative symptoms?

Knowing nothing about this illness meant I was completely unaware what was happening, so I had that few years where I learned to push forward with life in terms of work etc not really knowing the reasons why things were so hard.

No one actually sat me down and explained anything to me, because I never gave them a chance.

The second I saw an opportunity to get rid of community services I did just that, and it was just a few weeks after being released from hospital post-diagnosis.

Did ok for two years, but I blamed what I now know as negative symptoms, plus weight gain, on Olanzapine. So I quit meds and relapsed.

Ever since I have been under some sort of supervision by the mental health team.

I get the impression that the mental health services where I live are only interested in treating people when they become disruptive. As someone alluded to what happens in Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest and getting a lobotomy - which I have asked for many times.

You can if you went self-employed

There are a multitude of different things you can do for work. Just have to try some of them out.

I find my new job my motivation issues are no where near as bad as they were in the office job. It’s a stark difference between then and now.

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