Why not all ppl on antipsychotics get negative symptoms?

I think its the disease too and not just meds. Others are on higher doses and have no or much less negative symptoms…

Is it brain damage?

My psychiatrist said only some schizophrenics have negative symptoms.

I have a theory that the increase of lipid biosynthesis induced by APs increases the occurrence of intramyocellular lipids, which makes a person feel sleepy due to the increase of blood sugar and subsequent insulin spike it induces.

But non-sz diabetics don’t have negative symptoms…

Diabetics are very tired people.

Weird, aren’t they part of the diagnostic criteria?

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But not to the point of negative symptoms…

" Studies show that people with type 2 diabetes experience extreme tiredness and fatigue that can disrupt their life and makes it difficult to function. The impact is so significant that experts now refer to this as “diabetes fatigue.”"

I think Drs focus more on positive symptoms bcz negative symptoms have no treatment.

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I don’t have diabetes. How come I have negative symptoms then?

You have high blood sugar probably. That and obesity go hand in hand.

My father and grandfather have type 2 diabetes, but it is much less severe than negative symptoms.

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I don’t, I test it with blood glucose meter, its always in the normal range.

Controlling blood sugar helps with wakefulness, but it’s not the entire picture. The APs are tranquilizing, also.

Then you have the fatigue induced by chronic brain inflammation.

This is because a lively, out of control delusional person is more of a handful than a slow, demotivated person.

For Doctors it is about management and control. It is far easier to make a person passive and deal with that; and not be bothered by tiresome bizarre antics. Rather a vegetable than a live wire.

You’ve seen One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, haven’t you? Not that Jack was sz, but lobotomized due to his behaviour.


You taking drugs my friend?

Yes but I still had negative symptoms when I stopped my meds for 1-2 years so pretty sure its the schizophrenia.

no tengo ninguna opción


Damn man what are you taking if you don’t mind to disclose it?