Why nobody's understand schizophernia..!

Today my sister call me then i said i have Sz…!!!
she quickly replied everybody has its symptoms and i can recover like normal…!!!
is it possible to work like normal … U can’t …???
Why people misunderstand Sz…!!!

Most people don’t understand it and tend to avoid things they don’t get. A lot of people will have or offer a uneducated opinion, but really they have nothing to offer.

Most tell me to quit smoking, thinking smoking causes all medical problems, so they come up with answers that just sound silly to us.


Education, education, education. But sometimes some people refused to accept this education.

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It’s difficult and complicated, so try not to judge your sister too harshly. I wish my husband showed more interest in sz so he can understand me better, but it’s hard for him.
maybe find some good, easy to understand information for your sister and send it to her? Or if she’s close by maybe she could meet with you and you calmly explain what sz has done to you and how it affects your life everyday.
I wish people in my life could understand better, or even show an interest, but it’s uncomfortable for them. I can’t blame them for anything.

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