Why nobody speaks about video games anymore

I was playing metal gear solid phantom pain… but I turned snake into a demon… i can see the ptsd in his eyes…his horn is maxed out and the blood no longer comes out of his clothing… it’s terrible… if i played the game stealthy like I dont think it would be this way…

And I just beat a Kirby game for the 3ds…

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real life is the best video game, you can play in first or third person perspective, it’s better than Virtual reality it’s actually reality so when you win you gain.


yeah but the Sims is a crap game. also @anon30865512 your above post makes me question your user name… lol

did you know in some countries there are popular girlfriend simulation games?


I’ve never played one but I know those anime simulators are uber popular… the Sims is really popular too…

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