Why my friends got their own apartment then

They are on disability

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Welcome to adulthood. You don’t get whatever you want whenever you want it. You actually have to wait sometimes. Chill out.


I assume that you are asking “Why did my friend get their own apartment, then?”. I told you Crystal. If you truly think you can live on your own, make the appropriate inquires and plan while you have the chance. Get help filling out the appropriate forms while you have assistance. Challenging people on the forum about your ability to get to live on your own and if you are capable isn’t going to get you anywhere.

I think it would end up being a disaster myself, if you were able to get your own apartment. I think you will stop your meds and go into full fledged psychosis. I also have strong doubts that you will be able to manage a household, but you are free to try and prove me wrong.

Why do you have doubts about it?

Because of your constant back and forth about psychosis, your immaturity, and as you yourself have stated the doctors, said you “slip in and out of reality”.

Operating a household on your own without assistance seems like a task that you are not ready for, IMO. It takes some responsibility.

You constantly challenge the forum about their beliefs about you. I challenge you to try it. I strongly suspect that, even if you get your own place, you will end up right back in a group home after you are unable to take care of yourself. But maybe I’m wrong. Give it a shot if you think you can do it.

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I would ofc get assistance even if I lived alone

I see. Well, try it then. Constantly challenging the forum members on the topic does you no good. Go and plan and prepare and try it.

I have a meeting with my social worker and we will talk about it

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I’m in my 20s and I don’t have an apartment. Housing prices and rent prices are through the roof. I recommend saving up so that you can afford housing (or wait until you have a stable job). Group home is also available too.

I could afford it now

Finland is different than US

So then you can live on your own. You said they can’t force you and you have the money . Easy as that.

She isn’t in the US.

You post alot about the same thing.

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Try living on your own then. I tried and I kept ending up in the hospital. When my mom passes away one day I’ll have to go back in group homes or a retirement community living situation. My delusional self is fairly severe but manageable with my meds.

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I will try definitely

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I wish you nothing but success!

You will probably be able to live on your own at some point. But if your staff think you’d be better off with support for now why not listen to them? Learn how to live semi independently and then you can look at living on your own in the future.

I don’t want to stay


I’m tired of hearing about it.

If you’re so confident you won’t be homeless, go.

We’ve all told you not to.

You don’t listen,

I don’t know why you keep asking.

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Cuz I need advice how to live alone