Why Men Are More Willing to Have Sex Than Women

I think there’s a simple reason for this. You see while most young teenage boys are mowing lawns most teenage girls are babysitting. I normally was doing guy stuff growing up but there was a time or two that I had to take care of a rambunctious boy as a babysitter and it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. You see he knew his Mom was paying for it and he wanted me to “earn” my money. By the time she came home I was really worn out. I pictured the kid going to sleep and sitting there watching the TV but instead there was a lot of wrestling and tackling going on and that kid was pretty strong. I also spent a lot of time with one of my nieces who bossed me around a lot as though she was the adult and when she was younger I was constantly picking her up to keep her from wandering after a dog into a busy street. I must admit however I now love it when my youngest (and presumably the last niece) sends me to my room. If every guy went through the babysitting experience there would be a lot more monks in the World.

Hah lot of factors here… different for everyone

But regarding social identity… men are propped up by sexual activity whilst women are generally scorned for it…

Also male ejaculate kind of mandates release… Women don’t have such issues to a degree.

Now once all those barriers come down women do love having sex… I know some girls who pretty much do it with anyone and everyone… only maintaining slight reserve.

And these dudes got no respect. Snaking around… even behind their gf’s backs.

I myself don’t care for the world of casual sex. That’s what dominates most circles, but I’d rather that activity be something special. It’s pretty awesome and do I want it easy sometimes… but aint nothing more fulfilling than having a gf that is compatible in those regards…

Some people don’t see it that way though… I think it has to do with early sexual activity.

I’d rather deal with the inevitable heart aches that come with looking for something real.

When ■■■■ goes south… I’ll just skip town. New social circle… not knowing anyone’s past… can at least fake that “purity” that for some reason I still want to find… even though it’s dogged on by all those who don’t see value in it…

I don’t really disagree with the idea that women like to have sex much of the time. It’s just that birth control is not perfect. Condoms fail and people often have sex without putting much thought into it. Also women have their careers and often their lives negatively affected by having children in many countries including the United States. Some birth control is nearly 100% effective but very expensive.

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Yeah things are changing… and women do have considerably more at stake…

Still these girls… they don’t seem to care… I’m sure they take the proper precautions… Things can still go wrong… all the same…

I agree.

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