Why meds won't work for intrusive thoughts?

I take clomipramine for intrusive and obsessive thoughts, but this med won’t work. I feel no difference since I started to take this med. I still have intrusive and obsessive thoughts. Clomipramine is for OCD and intrusive/obsessive thoughts are the same symptoms of people who have OCD. Why this med won’t work for me? Is there a med specific for MI people who have schizophrenia and intrusive/obsessive thoughts?

You do not notice any difference before and after?

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Absolutely no difference. My pdoc said it happens because maybe they intrusive/obsessive of psychotic source.

I realized also that maybe I have mania. I think sometimes I have grandiosity and risk taking.


Increasing the dose may help (not on your own, ofc).

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I have that too. Sometimes I am glad for it but other times I regret it. =(
Comes a lot of humiliation with it, you know. Unfortunately.

If you have someone you can always discuss your thoughts before taking decisions would help until you become stable.

I do not have experience with this medication. i have OCD and extreme intrusive thoughts. Med change decreased it

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I always follow medical instructions, so I won’t increase medication by myself. I’m on 150mg of clomipramine (Anafranil).

Yes. I have an extreme regret and feel really bad. It’s not the first time that I have it. I didn’t know it was called mania.

Do you have schizoaffective disorder?

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yeah =( but no hallucinations. I have horrible racing thoughts, on and off.
I have regret and humiliation too but honestly I do not care as much anymore and try to distract myself or laugh about it.
It took me a very long time to move on. Every episode is another series of humiliation :joy: Gets easier as I grow older.

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Hmmmm. And mood stabilizers won’t work on you?

never tried one.
It started with
5 mg Abilify for two year till relapse
160 mg Geodon for 2 years until PTSD
Latuda for a year until extreme weight gain
Back to Geodon lesser amount

added Wellbutrin (antidepressant) in the mornings

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Maybe a mood stabilizer will help you if you’re bipolar-type.


I have no idea what intrusive thoughts are. I never or rarely worry about anything. My only anxiety symptoms are sweating around certain people, and this is very unpredictable, and lip pressing, which is uncontrollable.

Is Topomax used as a mood stabilizer?

I also found that Clomipramine didn’t help at all. I take Fluvoxamine now which works very well.