Why Man Made Heaven Is Missing?

Why Man Made Heaven Is Missing?

In the multiverse, there are an infinite amount of monkeys creating realistic computer simulations, some of which have heaven designed into them.

In some universes, their God is a monkey randomly hitting keys at a keyboard.


lol for a minute I thought I’m a monkey


So If Existence Is and Has Already Been Written ,

Where Is " FREE WILL " (???) ,

Are We Jus Mechanical Animals (???) ,

Attached and Hung Upon Invisible Strings As An Invisible Anti-Poetic Play For Tha Un-divine God’s and Godesses (???)

Do They Laugh Viciously At Our Terrible Pushed Upon Misfortunes (???)

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Kinda Lyke Tha Way CHRIS MARTIN Dances As His Arms Are Bounded and Chained (???) ,

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Partly written and partly to be written.

Written + To be written = Everything.

Without freewill + freewill = Everything

How So , e(Y)e Seem Within Thine Own Confused Self Of Such n Such ,

Please , … , Please Explain …

There are laws that simply never fail to happen, these laws are absolute they don’t fail. For example our Earth rotates and on the other hand revolves around sun and earth doesn’t think to do this, there is no freewill

and we humans can destroy earth and that is free will

I don’t want to go there. In fact I won’t go there. Going where? There, you know where.

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Where are you going apathy?

Nowhere. Staying here.

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If man made heaven it would probably be closed down due to lack of interest of the people who had
more grandeur things in mind.

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To Keep It Simple and Without Fantasies Of Earth’s Demise , How About Thus (???) ,

Now , Buy a Water Balloon , Fill It Up With Water , and Toss It In Thee Air and Let It Splash On Your Skull , BOOMSHAKALAKA (!!!) … ,

Ok With That Sayd , Will You Honestly Do That For Me , At Midnight Tonight (???) ,

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2.) Since Someone OR Something OR Whatevah Created a Law That Cannot Be Broken … ,

Doesn’t Thaz Saye Thaz Tha Sun Has a Chance To Be Burnt Out (???)

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Life - freewill(possible)

see ya 2morrow…

Say Hi To Tha Moon For Me Yo Yo … ,

OR ,

Tha Sun , but Hmm ,

Maybe ,

Hmm ,

Well Nevermynde … ,

Peace Be Unto You …