Why languages are boring?

it is all about memorizing
not memorizing but memorizing large extreme large amount of vocabulary
very very boring
anyone has another view on that ?


Wow! Languages are awesome… for me. It’s not just about memorizing, but also about expressing yourself in different ways.

You also learn how to think differently. Thinking in English is too much different than thinking in Brazilian Portuguese. You also get to know a lot about other cultures.

I also see languages as a way of having fun. It’s incredible when you talk to different people in a language that’s not your mother tongue. You can even have to figure out how you would flirt in a foreign language.

So, it’s not just about memorizing. It’s more about connecting people.

I can also mention the possibilities of getting knowledge from books or materials that are in a foreign language.


I really enjoyed that

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Japanese is so not boring! See? Fun dancing too.



I love languages. But I have a hard time speaking them cause I don’t hear things properly a lot.

Spanish is practical where I live but I find it boring. German is where it’s at.

Gibberish is easy to learn but boring to hear…

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It’s boring if u don’t get to practice a language u learn in real life on a regular basis.

i’d like to learn a minority language so most people don’t know what I’m saying :grin:

one less thing to be policed about, the things I say.

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When you learn new language you start to think differently

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