Why isnt people replying to my posts anymore is it something I said?

Did I say something to offend someone I’m just wondering since not many people have been replying to my posts recently. Why is this ?

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Not sure. Nothing I’m aware of

I miss a lot of posts. I wasn’t even familiar with your posting name.

It just happens. I’ve been here for years and I still make posts that no one answers or just gets one or two replies. It happens, no one is doing anything to you on purpose or singling you out. Don’t worry about it.

I have never seen you before but you might want to look at what you’re writing. If you keep posting the same thing with no responses then maybe you would want to change something. IDK if you are doing that though.

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I was thinking the same thing. No one is responding to my posts much either.

I have theories about this site that I’ll keep to myself. Fake internet, fake news type of thing lol.

I like what you have to say. Try not to take it personal if you don’t get many replies sometimes. It usually means you are posting at a time when not many people are online.

Looking through your recent history, you seem to be getting a decent number of replies on all your topics for the past few months.

With me it seemed to start after I posted what my delusions were on the topic What’s Your Delusions? These were back before 2009 when I was unmedicated. They went away with 20mg Zyprexa.

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