Why isn't notmoses an admin?

At least seven. I’m likely this forum’s equivalent of a herpes infection.

Very much like herpes indeed.


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I’ve been here off and on(mostly on) more than 10 years. No- I am not pushing to be a moderator ( I’m aware of my limitations in that direction!) .

That’s ok so long as you don’t kiss me.

Is this a bad time to reveal my habit of licking things?



how’d you do it pixel?

your like batman only in colour

How does Pixel do it?

Apparently he doesn’t drink, smoke or have sex. That’s his secret.

And the last person in history with those character traits??




Not banned anymore …but sad to be remembered for doing bad lol :kissing_heart:

Anyways, I haven’t had a dime in a long time, which makes one feel a bit lost while struggling a lot with diagnosis…

Have been seeing dobbelgangers and other disturbing ■■■■ lately…lots of voices, lots of confusion…been listening to Art Bell too much maybe, also, became a Ninja Turtle, lol…

Edit: missing those late night threads, though :smiley: but I’ll behave…

Dont think I would be tolerated comparing Pixel to Hitler :smiley: ahem (not to rain on anyones parade, obviously)


Is art bell the conspiracy guy?

Yeah he is…he’s a challenge to listen to, but the subject matters and guest are usually awesome

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been listening to some halloween ■■■■ “Ghost to Ghost AM” wordplay on his earlier show called Coast to Coast AM…some serious creepy tales amongst

Yeah you know what I deal with on a daily basis.

I find it very difficult to seperate what I see and hear with what happens in my life. especially with stuff like this cos I wont believe it…

my life has gotten a bit too adventurous in that regard (extreme hallucinations, screams and other insane stuff)…just a matter of time till I’ll be put away for good…that’s what some of the voices tell me anyway

Yeah if you don’t believe it then maybe it’s never been tested. I like to think I’m more sane than most situations and I keep a list of everything I don’t believe in.

Thats a good idea… Im too easy to be influenced by people and situations irl which really suck.

Hey, welcome back man.

@patrick Hah, that’s funny man.

Thx man! glad somebody missed me :smiley:

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Lick things?

  1. Extrude tongue.
  2. Apply vigorously.
  3. Repeat as necessary.
  4. Except for frozen metal. Avoid that.

Glad to help!


I’ll have you know that the nookie is epic.




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Smart ass. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :smirk: