Why isn't notmoses an admin?

Someone who’s extremely knowledgable, has been through it all, and gifted intellect?

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I think that he is too busy being the on site or in house “doctor”. :smile:
It seems that he genuinely likes to help out others, even dishing out some medical advice.

Come to think of it, I hope that he is qualified :smile:

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He does well to put it all in “use at your own risk” kind of box. Sounds like he’s seen a lot of different approaches for dealing with mental illness and he’s got the mind to keep it all organized. He is invaluable here for sure, but does that qualify him to be a moderator? I don’t really think so. Not only would that demand more of his attention then he already gives, sometimes thing do get personal. We could use more mods, but they’ve got to be very fair minded and I think that only comes with experience. @MrSquirrel does a great job. There really isn’t anyone on here who is similar aside from maybe @patrick .

For now though everything seems to be doing fine. Sometimes, especially at night, bad threads go unchecked for a while. Those seemed to have tapered down on their own as the community has shifted or grown together or whatever happened. Maybe barking dog got banned again. I don’t know.


Thanks for giving me ‘the nod’ for possible Moderator, but I’d have to decline. My attendance on this site is ‘streaky’ at best. My wife also gets antsy when I spend too much time on line.

But yeah, thanks for thinking of me…I consider that to be a nice compliment!



He’s helpful to me thank you @notmoses

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I like the mods here if they get new please get a strong woman.

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A lesbian one !!! :laughing:


Agree that more XX is needed. Lots of XY already. :wink:


@notmoses is too dumb to be a mod :wink: haha

what happened to @BarbieBF

is she still a mod?

seems like mods dont do much these days really so her services are not required :confused:

All I can say for the moment is, “Go to the very best professional websites, or the med school library, and verify – or correct – whatever data I put out. (There is a library of 140 books on the shelves eight feet from where I am sitting.) If I am wrong, for crissake, don’t sit on your hands.”

BTW, I do not have sz. I have PTSD-induced bipolar that can (and will) go floridly psychotic – and paranoid – under sustained stress.

I don’t either, and not only for the reasons you and others suggested. :sunglasses:

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@notmoses u are a hero of this forum…
u r Omniscient .
u r Omnipotent…
u r Omnipresent…
am i right or jus fakin …
vote fo this thread… :laughing:

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‘Why isn’t notmoses an admin?’

no , no , no , that wouldn’t work.

I’m here. I usually check in, just not posting much.

Ive said it before, and I will say it again - You are OK in my book @notmoses

We need you to play Mastro Geppetto to my Pinocchio, so stick around!



I really like most of notmoses posts and I think he has a ton of good knowledge that he shares here and I really appreciate that. I think he’s helping a ton of people too with his posts - which I’m really thankful for. He seems to have a ton of both academic learning and experiences that lead to good recommendations that (from what I’ve seen) are very similar to what I hear from many researchers / and good psychiatrists I talk to - so its great to see that here.

When we add new moderators its typically people who have been active here on the forums for quite a while just so people have a proven track record of being part of the community. I think @MrSquirrel has been here (off and on) for many years - i forget how many, but something like 5 to 7 years I think, but only moderating more recently. There are no hard and fast rules here about how long, or how we choose moderators - but

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If he was actually moses I would say make him an admin. But… he’s not moses :slight_smile:

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I am waiting for him to part the Med Sea.