Why Is This Trending Worldwide On Twitter?


And what language is it in when you click on it?

Is the site it takes you to Turkish?


It just disappeared again like the one last night. This is very confusing.

you don’t sound as stable as you said you were @PatrickT this makes no sense whatsoever.

Could someone please punch #EmrePolatNaber into google and translate the page for me?

Are you okay, @PatrickT? :worried:

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Could someone help me translate that page?

As best I can tell, Emre Polat is a Turkish celebrity of some sort who upset a lot of people. It has nothing to do with you. It’s a totally separate problem in a totally separate part of the world.


Stay safe @PatrickT

It’s trending in Turkey.

And Turkey was part of my delusion the other day…like the whole world thinks I’m a turkey.

It’s just a random coincidence. Thousands of things trend on twitter every day from many different countries. You just noticed one thing that trended in Turkey because you were looking for things related to Turkey.

But when I punch that hashtag into google, the only thing that comes up is Turkey, and this thread.

Could one of you try it? It’s really strange.

That’s because that’s how hashtags work. Also, your google searches are filtered to only show you English results. If you were searching with a base language of Turkish, I bet you would get more results.

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Who is with you at home now? Is your brother still there?