Why is this happening?!

My hands fall asleep while I’m still for a time. Is this medicine related? I googled it but couldn’t find much about it, maybe I need to look again? Anyone the same?

Maybe it’s diabetes?..


Yea I’m not doctor but my first thought was diabetes.

Pins and needles in the hands and feet

Hey Bard! I haven’t seen you in awhile! I trust you are well?

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Hey man haha yea doing great just haven’t signed in here much. Been focusing on work and stuff. How’s life?

I’m still suffering heavily from Dotards syndrome, you know when you think you don’t exist. Maybe my intellect is just pulling the strings or an alien intelligence. I agree with my Alter ego, I really don’t feel like I’m there anymore.

I’m not reading anymore. I love the feeling, it’s so relaxing, but it’s work and I’ve got my guitar and mandolin to work on. I can’t do everything. I had trouble following the NPR weekend radio shows today which are entertainment programs but my mandolin went well and I walked to the Walgreens and got a Hershey’s bar.

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I see bro I hope you can find some solutions for that sounds difficult. Glad your life is going well otherwise it seems with music. Plus chocolate :chocolate_bar: :smile: haha hope you’re doing alright.

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