Why is this forum regulated by US FDA laws?

I´m just curious. In EU, especially in the Netherlands a lot of this products are perfectly legal.

Ok, for cannabis I get it. It causes psychosis. But I don´t understand the need to regulate freedom of speech, for example, for kratom.

I´m not an USA citizen and I don´t understand why a worldwide forum needs to be regulated by US laws which some, in this matter, are just plain absurd (from an EU pov).

This site is owned and run by an American who resides in America and who is subject to U.S. laws.


Yeah, my point is about talking “drugs” and freedom of speech.

If you think you can run a better site why not start one of your own?

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But you are missing my point. I´m just saying that FDA laws have nothing to do with talking drugs over the internet.

Other thing is, there are moral particular laws, that are taken for federal laws but they are not, and are impossed in a systematic manner.

You’re missing my point. The admin of the site can be sued in the U.S. for things that appear on these boards. If the FDA is warning against something, someone takes it anyhow, and lawyers show up, he’s vulnerable under U.S. law.

Also, this site is his private property. He sets the rules. You actually have zero right to free speech at all here. You’re like a person coming into my private home and telling me I need to rearrange some furniture and get rid of some. It’s rude.


You seem confused about the concept of freedom of speech. We are not a government.

If I see something listed that has been labeled as potentially dangerous by the FDA I am going to remove/lock. Also, that similar thread was already locked by another mod, so you are reopening closed threads, which is not allowed.


Don’t open another. As the rules state pretty clearly, if you question a mods decision and believe that they are incorrect, please PM mods directly and we will resolve. It’s not to be argued endlessly on the forum.

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