Why Is There A Psychological Disagreement Between Presentation & Reality?


Presentation = Caring More So About What Other People Think Than The Truth.

Reality = One Person’s Personal Perspective On What’s True & False.

I Ask…,

Why Does Person (A) Care More About Clothes Than Person (B)?.

Why Does Person (B) Care More About Poetry Than Person (A)?.

What’s The Reason For The Disagreement?.

Why Can’t Both Parties Drop The Resentment And Arguments Of Controlling The Other In Some Way And Find Common Ground And Reasons To End The Greed, Turmoil, And Jealousy?.

Hello World Without Peace, It’s Me, That Same Guy Who Still Believes. . . . . . .



One More Thought To Add More Spark To The Fire…,

Something To Ponder, Wonder, Wander On.

Question:::~ How Does One Live In A House, If You Don’t Cut Down The Life Giving Trees?.

Sincerely… . …


Slightly Strange No One Has Any Opinions On The Matter Of Presentation & It’s Importance Within The Sphere Of An Individuals Reality.

And Vise Versa. (Whatever That Actually Means). I’m Still Bored It May Seem.

But!, In All ‘Reality’, Thus Subject Is Important To Me.

Because It Explains Much About The Negative Aspect Of Neighborhoods, Family, Education, Politics, Entertainment, And Friendship.

One Group Here. On The Opposite End Of The Shore, Another Group.

As Both Groups Are Being Watched By An Alternative Group, Being Watched Themselves.

It’s Not Even Confusing. Almost Beyond Reasons To Try And Reason.

Jus Sayin. . . . . . .

Presentation means you put emotion into the reality of the product. If someone is serving you a meal, the way it is presented has a lot to do with your enjoying it. Presentation is creating a positive atmosphere. Salesmen work very hard on their presentation because it boosts sales.

Your Post Rings Some Truth. But!, With What I Quoted From You, There’s Always Thus. . .,

You See @chordy, My Original Post Is More So Within The Sphere Of Meaning, And Meaningless Existence. Yes, I Agree, Meaningless Might Be A Word Sitting Too Much On The Brittle Throne Of Unqualified Psychological Judgement.


Some Of The Worst People I Have Ever Met, Seriously Horrific Individuals Had One, And Only One Thing On Their Minds. And That Was To Come Off As Meaningful Without Any Real Reason Whatsoever Behind The Mask With Any Truth or Evidence That What They Want Should Be Provided.

And All Of The Weight In That Truth, Rested On The Scales Of Presentation.

As The Honest, Hopeful, Helpful Individuals Wandering Within The Truth of Reality, Would Be Marked As If They Were The Ones Causing The Metaphorical Alarms To Go Off.

SoO0…, Do You See The Problem Here?.

Yes. I have witnessed the problem in that I was molested by an homicidal young man who thought he was doing something meaningful. It was only meaningful to his sick ego.

First Of All…, I Am Sorry That Happened To You.

Second Of All…, There Is Nothing I Can Say That Can Take That Kind Of Internal/External Bruise Away. Nothing Within The Sphere Of Any of Your Senses. Truth Be Told, It’s A Very Personal Battle That Can Emerge Almost Daily. And Takes An Extreme Amount Of Strength & Courage To Control. SoO0…, I Am Sorry That Is A Battle You Have To Face.

But!, Back On The Topic.

I Am Jus Personally Sick Of Being Told That Presentation Is More Important Than Reality.

If It Wasn’t For Individuals In Our Collectively Shared, Unique Past, Facing Actual Reality. Nothing Would Ever Get Accomplished. At Least Nothing With Any Sense Of Real Purpose.

Truth & Lies.

That’s All It Is.

And I Always Choose Truth. Always Have.

And Always Will.

The problem is we all have been conditioned. If I come to the table grumpy and complaining that I don’t want to eat, there is a reason for that and it is in reality. But, a good presentation of food might hope to change the mind enough so that I will try it. If I hesitate to do something, the reality is I don’t want to do it. Someone cheerfully saying, “You’ll be glad you did.” said enough could change the world, could change the reality.

Thus Thought Peaks My Curiosity.

And Why The Hell Am I Thinking Of American Propaganda (???).

I Remember Many Years Back, i Studied Worldwide Propaganda And Stepped Along Some Really Terrible Truth About Worldwide History.

N e Hoo.


I Agree That Conditioning Is Almost Impossible To Escape. But!, From My Admittedly Lack Of True Understanding Among That Topic. I Find That All It Takes Is A Slight Bit Of Creative Effort To Discover A More Productive Outlet Than Any Sort Of Forced Conditioning.

Ignorance Is Bliss Most Would Argue. Which Always Confuses Me. Because When Was Being Ignorant Something To Be Proud Of. Which, In All Reality, Many Boast Sitting At That Table. Within An Endless Mountain Of Earthly Rewards.

I’m Wandering I Apologize. . . . . . .

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Is it bedtime where you are?

It Is Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Night.

Relaxing On A Large Sphere Of Green And Blue.

Searching…, Seeking…, Wandering…, Wondering…, Pondering…, With Signs And Clues.

You sound like the idle rich.

Do You Mean To Say That I Sound Like I Have A Nice Amount Of Hidden Fortune?.


If You Really Must Know About The Coins I Have In My Pocket There’s Always Thus.

I Went Grocery Shopping For The First Time Today in About 4 Years.

So No…, I’m Not Rich.

And I Am Certainly Not Idle.

Yes, only it’s not being hidden.

Who did your grocery shopping for you?

No One.

Ever Since My Family Threw Me Out Into The Streets, I’ve Been in A Program.

I Ate What Was Being Served.

They say there is little difference between the rich and the poor.

Well the problem is that we live in a society which is primarily concerned with Materialism and so called “consensus reality” which translates to actually mean: If a person or select group of people, have not had the same experience or perception as myself, than it never happened according to them.

Fortunately, consensus can be found for most experiences and perceptions that human beings have – maybe not exact, but darn close tot he same. The challenge is finding others that have such experiences and perceptions. One such group is called “The Hearing Voices Network”.

The Rich Can Physically Visit A Pyramid.

The Poor Build Them.