Why is sz such a torment?

I can’t enjoy ■■■■, is hard to have friends, is hard to find a partner, is hard to enjoy life overall.

This sounds familiar?


Maybe my life is like heaven.

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Not everybody is doing so good

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I saw you changed your profile picture back. I liked the other one!

I’m not trying to start a fight! It’s cool man.

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I was in a bad mood the other day. That pic was cool to

You have an xbox?

OK man.

Yes I have it all.

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I bought an xbox 2 weeks ago and I have some issues with it, maybe I need to go to the seller

I have had no issues.

Don’t know what happened. Maybe a scammer sold it to you!

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I have no talent, no crafty hands, no future, no life, no money, all I got is a complaining skill

I got it from a authorised retailer, I got this problem that sometimes is not connecting to the internet, sometimes yes, its weird

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When I have some sort of problem with technology I usually furiously search for a solution online until I find the answer.

Sorry I don’t have much to say crocodal. I feel like my mind is blank!

OK, no need to force it, take care!

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I hope for a cure for schizophrenia ASAP.
And I am sure it will happen in 5-10 years.


Me too but I’m happy. :slight_smile:


What’s your secret @zeno?

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I’m happy too despite the hardships


I am dead inside, I can’t feel a thing, no happiness no joy no enjoyment, nothing, just insecurities

My secret is dopamine I think. I feel delightful.


I feel the same. I have no emotions. But lately I started enjoying music again and the small pleasures in life like food, swimming etc

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