Why is SSI restricting you to save money?

Why can’t I save over 2,000$?
Or own stocks worth over 2,000$?
Is this a new thing?

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It’s the same over here in Oz. Governments don’t like spending money on those who are on benefits. I guess the idea is you earn so much you shouldn’t be on welfare. Hard when you have sz or something similar.

I’m sure there’s creative ways around it. You may be able to stack money elsewhere but we have pretty good welfare. I can own a house to a certain price so it’s way better than that.

Its a long time rule.

Both SSI and SSDI recipients can have a savings. But Social Security places a cap on SSI recipients and not SSDI - I believe due to work credits / work history.

The system is messed up because.
If your get early onset and become disabled before you can start working, you can’t get SSDI.

This does not make sense to me.

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I don’t think 1k is worth the benefits
Maybe 2k for each person is fine

I’m not understanding.
There must be a some sort of source to understand why they restrict savings.

I was made to believe Obama made a law that if you got sick before you were an adult you could have a savings account.

Here in England one isn’t allowed more than £16.000 before benefits stop. Thats why I have to spend spend spend baby.

ya its been that way since before i got ssdi 20years ago

they are trying to get people who can work to work

that way they can live off their own ambition

They failed to say how young you have to be to be allowed to open an able account.

I’m on SSDI I barely got in, I feel its a mixed blessing. I can save money but I don’t get full coverage on insurance.

i opened a STABLE account to save money. its for the disabled. you can save up to 15 grand a year. going to be looking for a car soon.

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It’s been the case for the last almost 29 years since I was put on SSI. I believe it was done that way to prevent there being socialized medicine. The idea is that you will need to spend most if not all the money they give you for survival purposes. And in case you are wondering they make it nearly impossible to have a partner as well as a way of discouraging us from having children. So in a way they are punishing us for asking for help. You can have an ABLE account or Special Need Trust but the amount allowed has been lowered steadily over the years. There are laws in Congress aimed at improving our lots but they have gone nowhere.

In Belgium there isn’t a limit on your assets to receive disability, but they are pressuring me to work.

The problem with the system is when a schizophrenic’s medicine works well enough for her to work but not well enough for her to afford the price of the meds or the medical complications that result from taking the meds. In some cases a person with the potential to make an honest living and to possibly have a normal social life is essentially snuffed out.