Why Is Reality Sad?


Because It Can Be Sometimes.

And That’s What Makes It Sad. . . . . .

Hope, Love, And Peace!.


So0, e(Y)e Dunno. Maybe It’s Because It’s Our Fate? N e hoo, Just Trying To Make Sense Of Your Question.

Peace, And Love And All That!


Yes!, That Unsolvable Mystery. Meaning, Purpose, Fate, Karma, Reincarnation.

So Many Options. And So Much More Than What I Mentioned Myself, In Thus Thread I Created.

What If…, Now Bare With Me…, What If…, Fate Was A Deceitful Sense Of Logic Brought Forth…,

To Fool!?.

Which, In The End, Mixes A Brew Of Sadness.

Tastes Not Yet Ready To Be Analyzed Perhaps. . . . . . .

What Then?.

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

Because our reality is dysfunctional.



Personal Reality?.

Social Reality?.

Civilization’s Functional Reality?.

Culture’s Cool Or Uncool Reality?.

Which Is The Best?. Which Is The Worst?. And How Do We As Human Beings Fit In?.

For We Are All Human Being’s (Not Aliens), And Have Our Own Purpose In Existence I Presume.

Be It Shallow., Be it Deep In Nature.

Be It Judgmental And, Or Jus, Nonjudgmental?.

Life Is A Puzzle, And Each Of Us May Be A Piece For A Collective Void Of Actual Reason.

Beyond What Our Senses Give Us. Each And Every Second, Minute, Day, Week, Month, Year.

Let Us Try And Get Some Thing’s Clear Here. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

Sadness gives depth! Happiness gives height. Sadness is like the roots on the tree .


we suffer so we can learn to treat other people (and animals) well… as we would want to be treated.

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Thus Is A Very Interesting Statement.

But!, Sometimes Sadness In itself Is Jus Not Enough To Reach Into The Unknown With Any Graceful Meaning. One Must Hold Tight Throughout The Seemingly Endless Storms

With Courage, Strength, And Patience.

But!, It Seems…, You May Be Onto Something Very Poetically True, And Fierce (!!!).

And Thus!.

Sometimes When Pushed Psychologically Violent Into A Corner. We Must Face Our Enemies With A Vibrant Eye. With Serious Light Inside. And Peacefully Fight.

Where We Will Gain Insight, And Wisdom. On Many Different Topics Upon The Thought Of The Human Condition. And After Some Of Those Heart Bruising Lessons From Mother Nature Perhaps. Showing Us The Absolute Sad Truth Of Humans Altogether.

We Learn Many Honest Things About The Correct Way To Carry Ourselves. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

It seems our world is made up of the contradictions, of binary and of polar opposites. With pleasure there is always pain. With sadness there is happiness etc.

The idea is to give up seeing the world in contradictions. Once you let go and accept the things the way they are and do not judge them then it is possible to not attach so much sadness in your life but to accept and see joy fully. :slight_smile:

Life can be sad at times. But it can also be happy. It can also be calm, tranquil and content and that’s where I am at.

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