Why is Public Transport so Expensive?

Is it expensive in your country?

In the UK the train would cost me £30 plus £5 for the bus each day to get to work!

Driving costs me £8 in fuel.

I looked at a job in London, and a season ticket for a year is £5200, and that’s £700 cheaper than buying monthly.

With climate change, shouldn’t the state subsidise public transport to cut emissions?

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Devil’s advocate: Why should those who don’t use public transit pay for your ride? I live in a small town where everything is mostly within walking distance. I have to pay for someone to take a bus in the city? I think not.

If it takes cars off the road, doesn’t that benefit everyone in the longer term?

I think for example France subsidises Air Bus, which is a private company, and the EU subsides land owners/farmers.

Everyone who works subsidises people on welfare etc.

I don’t see a problem with it.

In the UK the government pays for the train tracks anyway.

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It doesn’t take my car off the road. Did I mention there’s no public transit where I live? All you’ve achieved is that I’m paying your bills and my own.

Idea: Move closer to your job. The less people who are needing to use public transit, the more pollution is reduced as well. The high price of public transit can also serve as an incentive to reduce your carbon footprint. According to your concerns that’s a good thing.

The problem is there are no jobs in my town that pay well enough to live on my own, and I have to travel to a nearby city.

I did originally look to move up there but I could not afford a property as it’s too close to London

I also car pool and have a hybrid that’s very low emissions

I thought the UK was just expensive in general especially London? Costs me 5 dollars total to ride the rapid to and from downtown Cleveland.

It’s a complex question as @shutterbug points out. In big towns the trains are good. I’m an hour away from the city center and basically an hour train ride if you stop every station. What kills me here is parking. Parking in the city is horribly expensive. It’s like $20 first hour. Train with a pension ticket is $3 off peak. It’s heavily subsidized but the problem is that heaps of people still don’t pay. It’s frustrating because those who do the right thing are punished.

It adds to costs. Costs with public transport are ridiculous and your not running at a profit in most places which makes it hard in the worlds of economic rationalism. Even if people do the right thing your not recuperating costs…Over here it’s a public service really. It’s not about making money.

That seems really cheap. The problem we have is the government pays for the tracks, but then private companies use them to make profit.

Doesn’t make sense to me.

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Off peak here is cheaper too, but I have to be at work by 8am, so it wouldn’t work out. I could get a 1/3 off the rail fair for having sz, but only off peak.

I would prefer to use public transport, but they don’t make it easy enough is my view. At least here anyway.

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I think you’ve answered your question. It’s private enterprise. Nothing says it’ll be any more efficient but it will be horribly expensive. It’s about profit.

I would rather it was public owned and they could make the tickets cheaper or reinvest the money into something else.

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Here where I live, public transport costs $2.75 each way, and is subsidized through car tabs. This is a public owned agency. It’s a ripoff both ways, whether you’re a rider or a driver.

The transit system here is actually being sued for using illegal metrics when calculating the worth of a car.
(not accounting for depreciation on vehicles).

Unfortunately I’m not in good enough condition to drive, so I must take public transit.
I literally have to budget for my bus rides (Do I spread my appointments and errands over three days, and be comfortable or spend all day Tuesday and Thursday, and save $5.50?).

I don’t qualify for discount fare anymore, since Medicaid kicked me off for supposedly making $65k a year.
(I only made $0…) :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I would pay about a tenth of what you would, but then I live in the city and don’t need to travel out of it.

People who complain about taxpayer money funding public transport often forget that cars (and roads for those cars) are usually the most subsidized form of transport we have.

The only reason why I complain about taxpayer money funding public transport is because there’s several issues that have been ongoing for longer than I’ve been alive. (safety issues such as failing electric lines)

Not to mention the fact that it takes me a (insert expletive here) hour to go four miles, or the fact that the bus always runs 30 minutes late, is full, and yet they won’t add more routes because of “lack of demand”.

So no, imo, they don’t deserve more money. Not until they at least address the problems.
And here where we live, roads aren’t subsidized either. Drivers pay a gas tax to fund the roads.

(EDIT: Sorry if this post seems angry. I am not angry at you Treebeard. I’m angry at my local government)

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At first I thought I would suggest applying for a freedom pass but I’m not sure where you live

It costs me the equivalent of about USD 0.75 a day to travel to work and back by public taxi. Train would be even cheaper but its very unrealable. Maby USD 5 a month for first class

I think in Luxembourg they made public transportation free. Not sure how it is getting along though.

I don’t know about anywhere else but here in the UK you can get a bus pass if you are disabled . I had one for several years . Then although my situation hadn’t changed a perfect storm of crappiness occurred when I had to reapply for one . Firstly the junior pdoc who provided the letter to say why I couldn’t drive, and thus would qualify for a pass, moved to a different job in the trust . Secondly although I have chronic mental illness the consultant said he couldn’t support a claim because he’d not seen me for several years . Thirdly I wrote to my GP and got no reply .
So basically through no fault of my own I lost a bus pass I qualified for . It had been useful for getting the bus to see my mum , and getting to the allotment near the hospital to do a gardening group .

I would definitely qualify for one here , but it’s pointless as once I got off the bus I’d struggle to find my way around and would likely get lost . To get to groups in the nearest town I’d have to fork out £26/$34 for a taxi to get there and back home , which I’m not willing to do .

It would have been different if I’d not lost the mobility component when being moved from DLA to PIP . That was because although my brother,who was with me, said I needed someone accompanying me going to unfamiliar places the assessor dishonestly said I just needed prompting .

I therefore just stay in the small area here I know unless accompanied by someone . If the system was working properly I could pay my stepdaughter the mobility component to take me places .

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