Why is muscle atrophy considered a bad thing?

Under the assumption that a person is expected to not ever do grunt work?

Not much fun…degeneration of muscles is one of those things. You do things you exercise …you build some sort of muscle even the tech heads…It may be in their hands but it’s all about what your using…

Yes…It’s a bad thing. In the 1900’s most people did labour that was equivalent to walking 10 kms a day…That has sadly declined!

It’s very bad for your health.

Reasons?. Nmnmnmn

Because it isn’t work that is the only factor involved. If you let your muscles atrophy too much when you get older its going to effect the quality of your life. At age 56 I still get around but now because of too much taking it easy, I find that if I have to g to the grocery store at night, I can’t stay for very long because I get tired. I still work a semi-physical job three days a week and on my days off I’m out and about but now I have to work my way around physical and mental fatigue.

And my beautiful former Indian therapist told me 10 years ago, “The less you do, the less you are going to want to do.”

Man, she was fine. Is there an emoticon for leering and whistling?

Because your heart too is a muscle, you need it no matter what work you do, and to prevent it from atrophying you need to use your other muscles, or at least walk 30 minutes a day.

And also, indirectly or not (I am not sure) exercise improves anxiety, depression, and general quality of life.

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Leg muscles are important for mobilty. If you’ve seen olympic distance runners their bodies look atrophied from losing fat and muscle in training. Their strength is their super efficient cardiovascular system whych has ben trained to support amazing physical feats. These guys have skinny arms and little chicken legs yet they are able to move themselves around a track at paces people like you or I couldn’t sustain for a minute. Muscle atrophy is not always a bad thin, especially if the reduced weight gives an athlete a more favorable strength to weight ratio.

For aging people muscle atrophy is normal to some degree.

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