Why Is It That

…you could post a wonderful painting…post a terrific song…write a sweet little poem…etc.

But the Header which gets the most replies and views?

"Have You Ever Pooped Your Pants?"

Just sayin…


lol, I hear you 151515

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Haha…yeah you need a good healine. I remember there were a lot of hits when someone here asked if someone would go out with them. But what they really meant was they wanted someone to support them when they left their home. Which I guess was no surprise really :slightly_smiling_face:

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Probably because the pooped pants are better than most of the art posted.


I would guess it’s because people enjoy art, but they crave being accepted even for their most embarrassing moments


Not everyone is inclined to like art the same or can even create art, everybody poops.

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Because we are all shallow shallow people. I just got off of that thread 2 minutes ago.

Plus I think it’s something silly to think about instead of “I can’t work cos I have ocd and schizoaffective disorder. I see and hear things that others don’t and my voices torment me in Spanish!!!”