Why is it that

everytime I get hospitialised my symptoms get worse than before hospitilisation? Has there been a study on this reaction ?


You have probably been hospitalized due to a surge in symptoms. The flare up doesn’t magically end once you are put under strict observation. It may continue for a while.


totally, when I was out a few days

Heard, Help is on it’s way, but it never came…

deepest darkest death came over me.


D mind sick tablets stops it from getting worst stop taking tablets mind gets worst so I take it sometimes a small piece of it voices don’t stop but by taking small to just slightly smaller then prescription I never end up in hospital

I’ve had a surge in symptoms in the hospital because of being locked in. I don’t like confinement and I was never allowed to use my headphones to listen to music or have art supplies. All of those things were contraband. It got stricter as the years went by so all there was to do was watch tv or talk to other patients. If i am having really bad symptoms I usually lie in the dark with music and I can be fine. In the hospital they would tell me I needed more meds or benzos, etc when really I just needed a basic coping tool.


wow, that’s terrible

I got music piped into my room

and we colored every day for hours

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t allow this

sorry you had bad experience, that sucks.


The hospital isnt that bad. I can roam as I want.

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I think that maybe once you’re in the hospital, you allow yourself to feel the feelings you’ve been trying to fight off because you finally feel safe.
That’s what happens to me. Also, because there isn’t much to do, I have more time alone with my emotions.


Why wasn’t I given a Like for my post on this thread.

Total annihilation.

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I was in the same unit in the early ‘00s and it was different. Staff would walk us around outside. Insurance changed a lot of that and more things were restricted. By my last stay in 2012 there was nothing at all to do. We could use crayons and they had to approve reading material. Fewer activities and groups.

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