Why is it so unfair,I hated him very much

I hated my cousin very much,he causes me a lot of emotional trouble,he is the one I would never forgive,why?He knew I had some problem and he add more problems to me,now I just want to cry,he’s attacking me personally(emotionally).I really hope he get back what he deserve,please show no sympathy for this kind of person

Never let this kind of person see you in trouble,he won’t help you up,but will kick you down when he has the chance

I know people like this. It’s best not to acknowledge such a person.


I am too soft,I forgive easily after time
The emotional trouble he cause is too much for me,I hate him,it’s unfair that my parent whom is the boss,cannot do anything,and don’t understand what I am going through,I would make him pay back someday or hope someone else would

I guess it would be necessary for you to shout out something like “get out!” to him and shut the door after he leaves. A little bit harsh attitude towards him would bring you some space from this sort of people.

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I would do that,something is stopping me and that’s why he gets to emotionally abuse me,I believe in karma,it will happen one day!

I don’t believe in karma. I would take the step to defend myself when necessary. I don’t wait for other people to defend me or protect me. In fact I knew very early that my parents wouldent protect me or defend me, so I had to do it for myslef.


Everyone has different way,and I am in a situation that I tried retaliate and things didn’t get better,I need to let go and leave

GTX your cousin sounds toxic. I know like I suspect many other members here emotional abuse can be very damaging to one’s psyche. Is there a way to find out what’s stopping you from dealing with your cousin? Do you think if you’re seeing one, , talking to your therapist or pdoc could help you find a solution? Hope you can fine a way out .


I think you should have a serious word with your father and tell him your cousin has been taking advantage of your illness which insulted you and humiliated you. Tell your father your cousin might have thought you are not valued by your parents so he bullied you.

I guess it’s very important for you to use precise words when making conversations with your parents. I guess they are busy all the time and have no time thinking about your feelings. You need to speak up for yourself in the right words.


I think that describes the majority of people I know.