Why is it so hard to wait?

I hate waiting for Vraylar. I want it now. I know that Zyprexa can slightly help in the meantime but idk if its worth switching for just 2-3 months. I am having memories of when I had my emotions and my emotions came back alive but its shortlived. I guess psychology has its limits, I need meds. Sometimes I want to go off meds just to get my emotions back in the meantime but idk when psychosis will hit again, last time I stayed 1 year without meds.


Me too. I tried lowering my amisulpride dose and got psychosis episode four days later.

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I guess I have no other choice than waiting by end of this year.

@Aziz . Are you getting your hopes up with vraylar ? It might not work out. :frowning:


Well of course since Abilify worked 100% for my negative symptoms. I never had negative symptoms since I was diagnosed 10 years ago. My negative symptoms started this March after stopping Abilify.

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Even my pdr is pushing Rexulti on me bcz he says that I won’t have negative symptoms on it as its similar to Abilify. But I refused and showed him the FDA warning for it, addiction and hypersexuality. Vraylar doesn’t have these issues and its a partial dopamine agonist just like Rexulti and Abilify.

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The hard part is not the waiting. The hard part is when the med that you’ve pinned your hopes and dreams on doesn’t deliver and you wind up in the same place or even worse off than before. It was Clozaril that taught me to rely less on the drugs and more on myself.



I finished 5/6 semesters of my university degree while on Abilify after my diagnosis. The first semester was done before psychosis while the rest I did while on Abilify. I have my physiotherapy degree now.

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That’s a 5% chance and I am not that type of person.
I never get depressed.
Abilify worked, Vraylar is the same as Abilify, partial dopamine agonist.

dont be expecting a magic bullet. or you will be dissapointed.


That’s you not me. I am talking from my experience of not having any negative symptoms during all the time I was on Abilify.

I am not lmao I am expecting the same results as Abilify, no negative symptoms :grin:

even that is a high hopes. I think your looking for something to solve the negatives without doing any work lol. We all wish it was that simple!

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Not really. Why is it a high hope if the same was achieved with Abilify lol Explain.

Its strange that ppl believe in antidepressants but not in antipsychotics for negative symptoms LOL

Im not really here to tell you why. That is something for you to figure out.
Many of us have been down the route of “maybe this drug/treatment etc will solve all my problems and make me want to do stuff again”.

At the end of the day you gotta have a gameplan and just get after it.

Explain how I was able to get a physiotherapy degree AFTER my diagnosis while on Abilify. My last semester was in 2019.

Im not going to try to prove anything to you lol. Just do what you gotta do man

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I am not treatment resistant or anything. All 6 aps I tried worked for me. The chance of Vraylar not working is 5%.

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What if it gives you bad side effects?

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