Why is it more annoying then disturbing?

I’ve been hearing a new voice I told you about it before. He whispers in my ear and I can feel a breath on my ear. I can’t make out what he says and he hasn’t introduced himself yet either. Most of the voices I hear tell me their names. but he likes to keep me awake, I can usually fall asleep despite his attempts to keep me awake.

Most of this past summer I had a voice that would only say “wake up!” every time I started to fall asleep. It just went away after work started again (I work at a school and was off for the summer) Anyway, wish I had more to offer than just my little story. Can you take a sleep-aid? Would that help?

I take sleep aids that the doctor prescribes. I’m just out of them until tomorrow. I take one for night mares and the other for insomnia,

i would hate having nightmares. i hope the meds take that away for you

the clonidine helps with the nightmares but I still have unusual dreams.

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unusual is ok. nightmares bad

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