Why is it harder for late treated schizophrenia to achieve remission?

I got treated 2.5 years late. I have impaired memory and think i may be too disabled to go back to school bc of learning retention difficulties.

My schiziphrenia is weird in the sense that a 100 percent remission is required for the memory to work. Other ppl with partial remission can use higher order cognition.

Is this psychosis hard to reverse bc of dead brain cells? Anyone managed to achieve remission despite late treatment?

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Mine was only treated about ten months later :frowning:
Really not great either. Would you consider ten months late too? I think it is
It took 2.5 months for the voices to go on aps.

It’s a really good question. Idk why it gets harder to go into remission but I guess more damage is done so repairing time is longer.

Just like any other disease, like the longer u leave a cancer, the harder it will be to go in remission

Took 1 year to get meds and 1.5 years to get diagnosed. I have treatment resistant schizophrenia. My glutamate receptors are severely damaged.

Don’t know if this is relevant.

I was untreated for 22 years with non-persistent symptoms. Mine wax and wane.

The meds don’t get rid of the voices completely for me, I’m starting to think nothing will. But the meds have reduced the severity, power, how loud, etc the voices are. And I’m much less likely to have my major episodes

On the off side, I can feel my mind isn’t nearly as sharp as I was years ago when I was still in the early years.


It’s never too late.

The brain has the amazing ability to change, even if you suffered a TBI.


How do you know your glutamate receptors are severely damaged?

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I’m taking supplements and can feel the difference.


Oh ok. I thought maybe there was a scan that could show that

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No. Not that I know of.

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I went ten years without treatment. Age 14-24. And I’ve been in full remission for the past nearly three years. It’s never too late.

I should add that I’ve also been in two research studies designed to reverse the cognitive effects of schizophrenia and had cognitive rehabilitation services following a TBI. I think all the cognitive training/rehab really helped me.


Thats amazing!!! Was it due to meds or other lifestyle factors?

Sorry was replyibg to ninja star.

I think a combination of things. I take my meds, and worked for about four years to find the right combination/dosage for me. I don’t drink or do drugs. I have a strong support network, including family, friends, and doctors. I was able to get access to cognitive rehabilitation services for free.

I still have mood issues, and I have to work on those. But the psychosis side of things has been gone for a while.


Thank you so much! What you said is very helpful and gives me hope! Its great to hear that you successfully beat your illness!

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That’s great news.


I will second that support systems, and therapy have been crucial in my almost two years of recovery.

PHP, IOP, Pdoc, therapy, sober support, CBT, family education. All of that has helped me immensely as well.


I went three years hearing neighbors talk about me, but it only happened if I was outside their house working, that’s why I didn’t think anything of it. These voices then morphed into intelligent personalities which I then sought help for. They were present for a full year before a med increase got rid of them. I’m left with residual whispers though but the main incapacitating psychosis has gone tg. My pdoc agrees with the totals of the thread in that it’s harder to treat the longer you leave it.

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It’s possible I just have severe Bipolar type 2 or type 1, despite never having mania. I might have severe trauma though. Doctors deny this. I have mild Aspergers that never bothered me. I always had very low energy and motivation my entire life. Could be ADHD too. I had to drink energy drinks every day to survive. Now I’m addicted.

What can I do if I have severe bipolar? It’s been mentioned a few times. I don’t want to lose my benefits if the doctor says I don’t have schizophrenia. I have no motivation, cannot be consistent, I have no energy, and cannot focus or do tasks at all. I have no mania but some depression. I don’t see things or hear things. I get intrusive thoughts all the time. Possibly worsened by energy drinks, which is probably super bad if one has Bipolar.

Most people deny I have bipolar because they say I got really, really bad delusions, and they’re not real. My current doctor is a genius and like doctor house and is more logical and scientific. He says he focuses on genetics. That’s why I want ECT. Would clozaril be a huge mistake if I’m Bipolar type 2?

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I first saw a pdoc in the 4th quarter of 1973. I was put on Anafranil . First admission and being put on APs was May 1975.

I’m supposedly in remission now, although how that gels with some breakthrough psychosis I don’t know . My situation has been complicated by Asperger’s which is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disability but was not diagnosed until this year.

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