Why is everything so hard

I am not functional at all I can’t write papers for school (without them turning into paranoid 20 page rants) or work at all and broke out into stress hives today head to toe. I stopped my AP because I was convinced that it was poisoned and now I’m going onto the max olanzapine dose (20 mg) tonight to try to stop my third hospitalization in 4 months

Thinking about applying for disability because I’m literally not functional I can’t do anything I just stare at the wall all day or think about how the government is out to get me or see shadows and I can’t eat because the government is poisoning all of my food

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The golden rule is you don’t mess with meds without talking it over with your doctor first.


Give the medicine time to work. You can get rid of those delusions and paranoia if you stick with the meds.


Ugh I know I just got so paranoid that they were poisoned that I literally can’t handle taking them.I’ve tried everything but I swear all Risperidone is being poisoned by the government. I feel better about taking olanzapine though I’m not as worried about it for some reason idk why. I feel like everyone I talk to on the phone turns into a salad I’m stressed

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I understand about medication concerns. I am worried that the pharmacist is stealing some of my medicine to sell on the side. I have never told anyone that before.

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