Why is everyone so touchy in life

I dont understand why people get so cross about silly things.

Freedom of speech in this world is gone. Theres always someone at the other end tweeting about it.

People need to relax in life !!!

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Since when did tweeting become life??? That’s my biggest issue with all of it.

I dont even know where people are anymore

just blabbering from an anonymous location

id like to face2face meet n greet but where are people??

theyre in this cell phone of mine


Humans irritate me !!!

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i know what you mean man im having one of those days too

and then in a couple days everything will be alright

but Will it…WILL IT??? WILL IT BE ALRIGHT??? i dunno i dont think so i just will say to myself its alright

its also important to forget the bad as it to remember the good, id say. because there is a lot of bad

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I think the anti-bulling campaigns in schools went overboard, and everything became unacceptable.

Also, lots of people enjoy being outraged. It gives them a moral superiority complex over others.


“Don’t touch me unless you love me.” People on edge are quick to react.

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Yea this is true !!!

Freedom of speech isn’t a silly thing, it’s a fundamental thing.

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