Why is everyone saying im the same person i dont understand

People dont understand simple concept that people change over time, People make mistakes, and they learn from there mistakes and change their behavior, im not the same person i was 7 months ago, im tottally different person, so stop saying im the same person because im not, im trying to achieve my goals in life. Stop bringing up the past. Im only looking foward to my future now as better person. If you dont believe that, thats you, i know who i am and thats all the matters.

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Your first post was not a good start though, was it?


it was just question? a simple question. nothing else. because someone called me that okay? and whats wrong for asking questions? i just want to see peoples point of view thats all.

Technically, insulting someone by calling them a name IS slander. But the mature thing to do is just ignore it. It would probably not be worth your time to go to court anyway because courts award cases based on the DAMAGE that was done. And in your case it would be minimal. As far as criminal charges go…good luck getting anyone to take the case.

didn’t this topic already get locked?


No, that was another topic. I decided to go ahead and answer his question in this thread. Hopefully he is satisfied with that.


Don’t focus on your mistakes. Just move on, and focus on making your life less stressful.


i was hurt by it though, its was pretty mess up. People are still judging for my past mistakes, im so sick of it. i feel like leaving again.

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thanks appreciate it, i feel a little better for positive reply i need more of this. than negative replies you know what i mean. more positive replies the better. I feel ninjastar is going say something negative i feel it.

Nobody is judging you for your past mistakes, dude. We understand you made mistakes. We all make mistakes. But you need to talk to a therapist about letting go of those past mistakes and stop attacking people here for the fact that you feel guilty over things you have done. You want us to say you did nothing wrong. But you did do things wrong. You know that. It is unfair and unreasonable to expect people here to tell you it’s totally okay to call people names or steal. You did bad things. You need help learning how to live with the hurt you caused. You are not defined entirely by your past mistakes, but you are also not completely innocent. Nobody is completely innocent. We all screw up and hurt people. You need to forgive yourself and move on.

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im not surprise of his comments? nothing new. he says the samething to me its a cycle. over and over again its kind of tireing really. im getting bored with it. whatever.

Okay, you don’t need to respond to ninja in a disrespecting way. You do need to realize you will get comments of all kinds by posting publicly, right? If you want to talk about that’s fine, but you do need to be open to receiving comments you aren’t going to like. If you want to talk about it that’s fine, it just needs to be calm and respectful. I understand you are upset. It’s okay.

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Give me one good thing today that you did. Something that made you feel better about yourself. Today I started a new book and did some cleaning. It was enjoyable.

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im not being disrespectful, im just not surprise, i already know what to expect. Im not surprise by any comments anymore its old news, samething everyday. but im focusing me man, im the one getting better, stronger, faster, and more positive, gaining more knowledge, im reading everyday, you don’t know what i do behind the curtains, i dont have to tell anybody its my life. i own, i work hard to get what i get. I earn everything in life bro through hard work. Always been that way, i play at a high level, if people can’t handle that get out my way. Im a becoming BEAST bro.

Then why are you here? What do you need us for?

You’ve kind of shown your ass and now you want us all to magically forget.

Life doesn’t work that way.

Not even online life.

If you want to be treated differently,

Act differently.

You’ve only been back a couple days and you’ve been ■■■■■■■■ about the forum set up,

And afraid, again, of legal repercussions.

Not to mention you just have a bad attitude,

It’s not cute.

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We aren’t asking you to prove yourself. You want to know if there are negative repercussions for doing negative behavior and we’re all saying yes, there are. Should you curse at people? You know you shouldn’t. I think you already know the answer to your questions, I don’t know if you want validation from us, or if you want to be told you are doing nothing wrong. If you want support, you have our full support. But sometimes the advice we give you, you won’t always want to hear.

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im done with this nonsense you guys are keep focusing on me and hating and being negative trying to be bring be down, how about trying to be positive and be understanding for once and start focusing on yourselfs and start dong something with your lifes stop being so stagnated, I dont read even read your negative comments anymore because its a waste my time, i better things to do with time. Im going to chat with people who support me and positive and understand for now on. also im moving on with my life im such a high level right now its even even funny, so do something with your lives already stop be haters. you say not judging me and not hating, actually you truly are. Im mentally exhausted by this. seriously im done.

If you’re going to be an ass,

Just leave.

You’re not hurting us.

Well you went from being OE to BMW so I’d say you upgraded son

I used to always think of Olde English 40 Oz beers when I saw oe1489 lol