Why is Eminem so angry?

He has like 200 mill in the bank, the fame, nice daughter!!!, his legacy…why’s he still angry??? I don’t have any of that and I’m not angry at all!!! In fact I’m quite happy and peaceful. All I need is my meds and my e-cig. No angry for me!!!


Why does Dr. Dre need 800 million dollars he should donate 95% to the poor!!! This guy benefitted off all the legends. Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 cent, NWA and beats headphones. He barely did anything besides profit off these other guys!!! And why does he need 800 million dollars!!! All I need is my disability check and a part time job and I’m happy!!

That comes with the territory. Most of the rappers rap with an attitude. They all have an attitude problem.

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Lil Wayne isn’t really angry though. I respect Lil Wayne he’s mad cool. He used to be this punk angry teenager then he stopped taking life so seriously and just raps about girls, blunts and bling. He even coined the phrase “bling bling”. Lil Wayne is a legend!!!

Eminem needs to chill out. He got everything he ever wanted!!! Some people want more than others. But yeah he got it so why can’t he relax now. He’s 44. Is he gonna die angry or is he gonna die and say “yeah I did what I was set out to accomplish :sunglasses:” That’s what I would do. Retire to my island and chill in the sun. That said I respect him , give him mad props but just don’t get why he’s still angry!!

I’ve recently learned it’s bad to idolize people. Just observe, don’t idolize.

Eminem is happy in this song though, lol

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I like that song a lot. At least he was still young then.

Now he’s 44 and still making songs like this

Don’t get me wrong it’s good and all!!! But he should change his style and become a Buddhist poet/rapper :smile: imo

Lil wayne:


Man, so poetic. So happy song. I like happy music. I’m listening to pop/r&b/hip-hop songs right now.

I like these tracks. Eminem is one my favourite rappers. I like most of his songs.

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Eminem live from new york

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Probably because he was emotionally abused by his mother, is my guess. Money can make for a temporary distraction, but it doesn’t take that sort of dysfunctional pain away. There are also some bitter undertones in some of his lyrics about his Slim Shady persona, which to me suggested that he may have come to the conclusion that while he may have thought he was escaping something, in the end he still has to ‘act’ in order to accomplish something, and he realized that. “Nobody wants Marshall no more, they want Shady, I’m chopped liver.

He came out the gate originally trying to write genuine rap lyrics that described some of his genuine lyrics, but the tide of the industry quickly had him taking on a BS vulgar, super-narcissist alter-ego of sorts. Just like what it seems he experienced in childhood, nobody seemed to give two ****s about Marshall.

It’s also interesting that he wound up choosing a woman as a mate who manipulated and betrayed him, since it is common for abused children to be attracted to a partner who reminds them of an opposite-sex abusive parent. 'Course there are two sides to every story, but I also noticed how he was willing to team up with Rihanna to create a popular song that shows how an abuser can be very cruel, selfish and dangerous while trying to claim it is love, so I definitely didn’t get any classic misogynistic vibes from him, again when he was being like his old self and trying to make something meaningful.

Anyway just my thoughts.

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You seem a little bit spazzy atm chew!!!

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Interested. You are a wealth of knowledge and unique opinion @Turnip