Why immigrants in the USA do not seek help when they have mental illness

The reason is very simple. If they seek help, they will have a psychiatric record, which may harm their ambitions to gain more legal status in the USA. I ordered two times the citizenship applications (1996 and 1998) and there are questions such as ‘Have you received some psychiatric care’ or ‘Have you been psychiatrically hospitalized’. Basically the government of the USA does not want people who have psychiatric illnesses, how sad but true. In the second time when I ordered applications in 1998 I concluded I did not want to apply, because they asked questions about foreign contacts and travel. I had just travelled in the world too much and I had thousands of foreign contacts on the net. So I never became the citizen of the USA, which was the right solution in the end.

They don’t want any “Government Charges” that is, nobody who get’s money from Government assistance. Too many here already needing money, and most of the money is misused by the government themselves, so they really can’t afford handing out money they already allocated for their own personal luxuries.
They want everyone coming here to jet a job and support them instead.

They don’t really care where you’ve been, or who you know, just how much money you can give them.

I heard about Canadian parents filing for refugee status in USA because of their autistic child. Wonder what the mental health system is like there? :confused: