Why I'm leaving

it’s hard enough to leave the forum,

you don’t have to make it harder.

Almost every religion hates agai st those who are different.

Really, because mine believes in respect, obviously your beliefs don’t.

Daze, you know as well as I do that peopl e post hurtful things, then try to make it like they are the victim by making big posts about leaving to get pity. He made a lot of nasty comments and got called out, now it is a poor me moment.

He can stay and expand or leave and stay ignorant

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My mom explained to me that, when I was 16, I had some wacky ideas based on what people told me, not what I actually believed. This is why I change my mind about this subject.

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True Christians don’t hate anybody. There’s a difference between not agreeing with what people do and hating them. That point is often lost on those who we disagree with.


Youdon’t understand the difference in respecting someo e and believing their views are garbage.

Exactly and they don’t spout hate speech.

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So my views are garbage because their not yours?

No, because they’re garbage. Debati g on who should love who is garbage.

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Well i didn’t see the thread in question so i can’t comment on that specifically. I’m surprised this hasn’t been locked yet.

Maybe it’s cool to rake the religious kid over the coals, idk.


Maybe to you, but not to all people.

I didn’t see it either, but if strong beliefs are on the forum, it’s not allowed,

except when it comes to our issues. Facebook is a good place for other things.


You argued that two prestigious papers were wrong because of liberal tendencies on the fact ofsexual ide tity. You are wrong. Beliegs never trump science and research. Thats all.

Yeah i agree. That’s why i keep my beliefs on FB and not here.

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I’m not going to argue about this again, but you should know how to be more respectful.

I’m not respecting garbage or yet another OMG I HAVE TO GO BECAUSE NO AGREES

You made the post to get attention. Ypu have it. Go or stay and learn to respect ALL people

People who don’t agree with you, you point and mock and call homophobic, transphobic, and bigots. Or like you just said “seeking for attention”.

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I just stay away from these type of subjects as it never ends well for anyone.

John, you really shouldn’t leave because a few people don’t like what you said. Also, understand that the backlash you got wasn’t about you personally it was about one your comments. Don’t worry about it.

Also this thread has gotten out of control