Why I weigh so much and weight loss

My weight is 222 and it’s a big issue. I want to be 130 again like I was when I was 20. But I can’t have those faces coming back that I saw in the mirror they were mean and upsetting and I had that insomnia problem come up it’s like when your inside and you cant go anywhere that’s when I would see faces everywhere.

Its great to see you back on the forum, what medication are you on, still abilify? Abilify is supposed to be good for weight loss…

When I was 18 I was around 178 so being around 200 now is not that bad considering I’m on APs. My weight does seem to be increasing which is a concern. So I’m trying to limit the amount that I eat.

I’ve lost like 50kg 110ibs in about a year just eating less and moving more. I still eat crap food just don’t eat till I’m totally full. Tends to be a problem with the meds with the munchies but is workable to loss weight and get back to a healthy weight.

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I TRY for vegan meals, walk and do weight machines. Vegan meals might help.

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I’m on vegetarianism and started my diet 2 days ago. I hope I lose 6kg until May.

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It’s not I have gained weight but I like it