Why I opted out of the DID forum

I believe in oneness. I don’t believe it’s possible to truly have a divided mind. That is my theory of recovery. On the DID forum they believe in a divided brain.

Have you been officially diagnosed with DID ?


No. I have not.

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If you aren’t diagnosed with DID why wpuld you be on a DID forum or saying you have it?

I told the DID forum my situation and they accepted me. My pdoc says there’s no point in diagnosing me because there’s no medicine for it.

You need a new pdoc. There’s therapy for it.

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Did is a complictated mess if you’ve a psychotic disorder and I’m honestly not up with the latest but honestly. I think it causes more drama than most dxes for sure and there’s a big difference to did and ptsd…I just haven’t seen anything to change my mind.

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whats that? I have never heard of the theory of a divided mind…

This is a psychotic disorder forum primarily. There’s still lots of questions with the DID diagnosis and this isn’t the forum. It leads to problems with those who think their psychotic symptoms overlap.