Why I like the Sun

Basically, I think everything in nature has something that can potentially teach me something about life.

I think the sun rays are like all the people.

Each person approaches life at a different angle since
We all have unique circumstances.

But that doesn’t stop each person from being a Ray of sunshine.

Do you peeps have any of your own sort of little symbolic thoughts?


For my system, the sun
is borderline self-root type c,
mixed, neutral type.
It can cause satisfaction,
basking under the sun, or

Sunny days make me happy
but psychotic.


Sorry to hear that Om_Sadasiva.

That must be challenging.

If this topic is triggering for you I am always happy to delete it.

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No, it’s ok.
Don’t worry. :crazy_face:



The sun is always giving


Yea it is quite moving to think of it that way.

Unconditional love.

Not sure how capable I am of that myself.

But then again we are destroying the ozone layer

So that giving of the sun could eventually lead to disaster

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I see myself more as a ray of moonshine.


Lol no problem…what is it about the moonshine

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Liquid moonshine is what wonderful refreshments like pernod or pastis are made of.

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How is it that your vocabulary is quite good.

Did you have parents that used a good vocabulary on you.

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Nothing nicer than laying on the beach , warm sun shining on you

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Not particularly. As a child I often thought of them as monsters :exploding_head: :japanese_ogre:, which was good because it would save me the trouble of having to look under the bed every night. :ok_hand:

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