Why I like feeling bad?

I always overeat but I feel bad after because I am obese. I like feeling bad for some reason. Its like an obsession. Feeling bad doesn’t stop me from overeating, why? That’s the main reason I can’t loose weight.

Anyone like that?

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It’s because your eating is a habit. Habits are hard to break even if you feel bad about it.

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Hey man, I just want to say that the most valuable thing of this world is human life. Human life like yours. There is nothing more valuable.


It’s a vicious cycle. Once u are obese you want to eat more to feel better for being obese. But then after you just feel more fat which gets u more down. The cycle is hard to break cos its such a strong addiction that has developed but it can be stopped. With effort

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I was eating less for a couple of days when I started taking fibre supplement Metamucil but now I am back to eating too much. Well at least fibre lowers cholesterol my Dr said so it will reduce heart attack risk and stroke, I will keep taking it…

Before sz I used to forget to eat, I didn’t eat until 5pm all day. I was 127lb 9 years ago…Now 300lb…

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That’s serious weight gain :((

I’m eating too much right now and can’t stop. I have a Dr’s appointment on Wednesday to see if I can get some Phentermine which is an appetite suppressant. I took it for a month before and lost 6 pounds but never followed through with going back for a refill the next two months for more. Now I’m ready to do it though so I’m going to ask to try again. I need help with my appetite, it’s out of control. Sometimes when I’m eating I’m already thinking about what I get to eat for the next meal.

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I think about what I will eat next even for the next day. I ask my parents what will be the food tomorrow, they laugh at me.

It’s crazy. It’s like I’m food obsessed or something. And I never get satisfied. I think I could just keep eating forever.

I love McDonald’s fries. With lots of salt and pepper. Hot.

I like their Buffalo poutine, its fries, melted cheese and chicken nuggets:

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That looks good. Loving the melted cheese.

They don’t do that in the Uk

That alone should have at least 1000 calories, I used to eat it nearly daily along with 2 burgers and coke, so 2000 calories likely.

I understand. I was the same. Its really bad.

But sometimes it feels like the only option in life

I think I have overcome it now.

I hope you do too cos it can destroy your health and wellbeing.

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Some people turn to food as a way to comfort them…
I dont know if you do but I know when I’m having the worst day I do it …

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We don’t have this in US

I’m a vegan but lately I’ve been having cappuccino and chocolate. I don’t want to but I can’t help myself. Sometimes when I’m feeling bad I just let go… try to comfort food myself

That does look yummy