Why I haven't had a psychotic episode in 1 1/2 years

I thought maybe this could be helpful to some people, talking about what helped me gain a lot of stability. (Aside from just the regular stay on yer meds spiel)

Ok so I believe that my paranoia was at the root of all my issues. I’d be suddenly fearful for my life and not know why. This lead to paranoid thoughts and delusions–>i.e. I’m in danger because there are demons/evil spirits around

The paranoid beliefs then lead to the development of other types of delusional beliefs as a way to cope with these fears i.e.—>spirits can’t hurt me because I’m a werewolf, or because I’m the next messiah, etc. These beliefs were so effective in shielding me from my fears that I then started applying them to all other areas of my life that had unpleasant emotions. So issues with low self esteem lead to beliefs that I am special in other ways like because I am to be the mother of the antichrist or am an entity from another dimension. In this way delusions and psychosis spread to every area of my life and consumed it.

So how did I free myself from that mess? I tackled it at its source; the paranoia. Now I know that when I begin to feel fearful, it is just my brain chemicals going wonky and setting off a false alarm. This prevents the chain of delusions from going off. Furthermore I learned to recognized situations in which this paranoia was more likely to occur in order to prevent these situations and also learned how to cope with bad emotions so I would not develop delusions to protect myself from them.

So in summary keys to becoming stable
-If possible learn what situations or triggers set off your paranoia and avoid them
-Remind yourself when you become paranoid that it is just your brain setting off a false alarm, do things to calm yourself and distract until the false alarm goes off
-Become aware of your insecurities and recurring bad feelings and thoughts and how they may feed into your delusions, understand how to deal with and accept these emotions so they do not cause the formation of delusions

That’s my 2 cents. I realize this won’t help everyone but I felt like it was worth sharing anyhow.