Why I have more money than the others living with me

A lot of people are surprised by the fact that I seem to have more disposable income than the others at our assisted living center. A large part of it is because I don’t smoke. That accounts for about $50 - $80 a month of more disposable income that I have. Also, I haven’t been eating out like the others in our group when we go to town. I stay on the van. That’s another $50 - $80 a month.


Gee, a carton of generic cigarettes here cost $70. When I used to smoke, I would smoke a pack and a half a day, going through a carton a week. I’m glad I quit ten years ago when I thought they were expensive then.

I don’t eat out either.


The people here get their cigarettes from Native American owned shops. The different tribes sell smokes with greatly reduced taxes on them. That’s why people here don’t go broke because they smoke. It’s still a heavy burden on their budgets, though.


Im actually better off than my other twin brother, but then hes got the nice 6 bed house on a mortgage, i have a couple of hundred £ spare every 2 weeks usually - but that supports my gaming habit. I know people that spend far more than i do down the bar, cos i was the same.

And i vape now too. £22 quid for 25 bottles of e-liquid will last me 3 months.

I get the most money in the group home/supported living placement I live. First I don’t have to make a contribution out my benefits for support. I don’t smoke. My rent is paid in full.

If I just spend £55 a week on my food shopping I can quite easily save £1000 a month out my £1300 a month disability benefits. I’m over the benefit threshold and have £12k in savings which I need to spend but haven’t been able too as can’t go abroad.

A penny saved is a penny earned

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