Why i even try to quit smoking

I did manage to quit for like 6 months through 6 year period. The most successful time was when i was smoking weed at uni. I did smoke few ciggies but roll-ups came first and had stoner friends. When everyone left home from uni during the summer, i didnt feel i missed something and outbof nowhere i wasnt smoking at all. I felt great, better sleep, more energy, no distractions just plain work and exercising at the gym, I also biked everywhere. Now post diagnosis i did manage to quit for like 2 weeks and was feeling better, just somehow crawings camr back. I just cant seep to quit. Why is it so difdicult? I just feel like a slave to nicotine, pumping every hour some stimulant into me. When i try to quit i get some mad crawings and i just cant go further than 5 hours of not smoking. Now i just say myself that from tomorrow i wont smoke. I get up in the morning and the first thing i do is i smoke. Its some vicious cycle

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I couldn’t give up so I switched to vaping.

The question that could potentially relieve you and other smokers: when did you first decide to smoke and why? What was the primary feeling/sensation/thought behind that?

It would sound arrogant to say I know the answer and understand the why as to why it remains a cycle, but it’s what I’ve observed so far. And the other problem is, you have to find that answer within yourself first because its not about an ‘answer’ in a scholastic/data type of way. It’s more like a realization that only you can make.

My brother does the same and I can see other patterns he has that are a part of the cycle.

I have other patterns/cycles of things I’m addicted to personally, but realizing the why helps me stop before I start. Also, I sometimes just allow myself to indulge in whatever it is without feeling judgment about it.

This approach is absolutely the only approach to take and something our society isn’t going to actually to solve without diving into. Everything else is just going to cover up the root cause of the issue. Then, the surface issues become more … problematic.

Otherwise, you can just accept that maybe you just may never break out of it? Then what? Maybe take yourself to that place in your imagination: what would be the result if I never quit? and: What would be so bad about this? Could I live with this?

I ask myself those questions internally as well whenever I’m facing some issue and it can help.

To be sure, as far I can see now, almost nearly everyone I know (or everyone actually…) is ‘addicted’ to something in some way or another and for a similar reason. If our society would just take a step back and look at this without making it a ‘moral’ issue, then we stand a chance at breaking these cycles.

You just have to want to quit. Eventually you’ll stop liking it and associate it to bad and you won’t want it physically but you’ll do it out of habit.

at that stage you just have to persevere till you are stronger than the craving.

I’m at this stage and idk how long it’ll last