Why I dont want to quit my medicine

I’ve come a long way from the young teenager who would read every movment as a sign for my foggy mind to the normal guy in his early twenties who can have a conversation and can blink without thinking that he gave some sort of sign for the pope to start nuking people…

I am “lucky” enough to take a preview every two weeks of what psychosis looks like (because of my depot). It’s the same story, it start as doubting little things at night, the next day it’s all about doubting my family, therapist, random people, my beliefs, my personality, my choices.

The final day before my depot I make my own theories about something as puerile as why I can’t sleep to bigger fish like energetic vampires and how they drain me of my power. My cat is the biggest one btw.

And after I manage to not loose my mind I get my sweet depot and everything is back to normal and I feel good, I’m smiling, I’m happy, I’m dancing in my room and I remember how much I’ve missed it.


well, what a refreshing post…thank you for saying you like being on your meds…I believe in schizophrenics taking their meds…


Glad the meds are working for you @anon92220549. I would probably be in bad shape without mine, too.


Great post. I’m also a big advocate for szs taking their meds. I’d be lost without mine!

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Can you get your depot just a little sooner so you’re always doing so great?

Or maybe a higher dose of the depot? two weeks is a long time to have symptoms.

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I’m glad you are doing well on your meds @anon92220549!
Good for you!

I am going to ask my pdoc about that

@Shmookitty I take it every two weeks, and 2-3 days before I am symptomatic

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