Why I don't speak up?i am like dumb

I don’t understand why I don’t speak/talk,I feel like someone who is bad in heart/timid…a dumb because I can’t connect with anyone at all,even my family don’t make me talk a lot it’s just very asocial

And I was feeling bored each time,after getting bored I would yawn,then feel sleepy,it’s like a wicked cycle,I feel like whenever I socialize I am meant for failure because of lack of understanding and enthusiasm

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maybe you just need practice mate,

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The lack of speech or the poverty of speech could be our old foe Alogia which is a negative symptom and with therapy and even some news meds can start to reverse.

Your not dumb and your not a bad person. It could be that you are in fact exhausted and it’s hard keeping a conversation when your exhausted or that you are starting to have some negative symptoms show up.

Keep an eye on this and let your doc know what has been going on.


What can I like do when I feel exhausted?i mean I am like that always it’s too sucks

Let the doc know and see if maybe your med dose it too hight or you might need something added. I was very tired and very withdrawn for a long time. My Seroquel got cut in half which helped me wake up and then Latuda got added which helped with a bit of mood stabilization.

I needed a med adjustment to get out of my negative symptom. That helped me become less tired and then I ended up in coping classes and anger and anxiety management classes. I needed that first kick to start the motion. That first kick was being open with my doc and changing up my meds.

My doc wanted me on 10-15mg abilify,I only take 5mg,i feel enough,I don’t know if it’s negative symptoms but I am yawning and boring like a idiot

Please quit saying your like an idiot. Your not. You’re a very bright young man who is fighting the monster of all illnesses. I’m not saying it definitely IS negative symptom, but I’d say… why not talk to the doc for some ideas so you feel better.

Between the two of you… something might change and help you feel better. You might not need your med dose increased, you might just need something else added.


Ok thx,apathy is really affecting me

here is hoping you can come to a solution…i have this problem also…it is isolation to the max…i detest social situations…tell your doctor everything and just maybe you’ll find a solution…it is awful to feel that way…hang tough

Talk is just talk, but what you feel within your heart rate eye contact therein lies communication.

you are not dumb…that is rubbish.
you seem like a nice person to me who is going through a hard time…go easy on your self.
know someone cares.
take care

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Thanks,it is really tough,I might not want to live anymore…I thought that when I was young I am always tired and sleepy always,this seems to be me I wonder if there is any help?

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if you are feeling suicidal ring an emergency number, i have many times and they do help.
do you have a therapist you can talk to ?, maybe changing your meds ?
i don’t talk much at all…i am very quiet and reclusive…that is just me…i basically don’t like people.
i am tired all the time aswell, i think it is pretty normal.
remember women who have children are sleep deprived for the first six years, so tiredness is not exclusive to us sz !!
maybe finding a hobby, joining a gym, helping out at a dog shelter, learning martial arts…
make a list of things that you like…
take care

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If you are yawning, it could be a side effect.

Yea,I yawn a lot alot,it seems I am bored/apathy or just tired

There are two kinds of people who don’t say much, one who talks too much, and one who talks too little.

I had an excellent teacher for Cosmetology (hair cutting) who told us to read the local newspaper everyday, and read everything even if it isn’t something your interested in, because if one of your clients asks what time the movies start, or where to buy a certain item locally, you will be able to have a conversation easier with others.

I suspect your depression isn’t a chemical imbalance as much as it is your environment.
Your cure might be as simple as learning to talk to others.
I know conversation can be quite stimulating rather than making you tired.
You need a patient friend that can start by asking you a lot of yes/no questions.
I’m willing if you would like to try.

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I’m on 10mg of Abilify and I find it blocks my thoughts, which is good in one way and bad in another. I’m at a loss for words sometimes too. It would be nice if it could distinguish which thoughts it blocks. It doesn’t make me tired though.